Rugby. Franck Deléger leaves Evreux AC with a heavy heart

Franck Deléger left Évreux last May on a beautiful 1/32nd final of the French championship, lost to Oursbelille. However, he will bounce back in Federal 3 at the start of the next school year. ©TE/Eure Info La Dépêche

He does not say he is embittered or hurt. However, we still feel that, almost three months after an elimination in the round of 32 of the French Championship of Federal 3a small wound is not yet completely healed.

Franck Deleger (47) however ended his career at theEvreux AC on a high point, with a double confrontation against a beautiful club from the south-west.

“Finish in the welcoming stadium ofOursbelille-Borderesin the Hautes Pyrenees, on May 8, and in front of an audience of real connoisseurs, it was really beautiful. It stank of the rugby I love. »

Disagree with club guidelines

Rugby, he still loves it. It was more the evolution of his club and its difficulties with the successful choices made by the new leaders that prompted him to take a step back and leave Évreux after 23 seasons of unfailing loyalty.

Arrived from Dreux in 1999 with Frédéric Dessus, through their friend Grégory Broutin, alias le Pénible, Franck Deléger first experienced the joy of being trained by Pascal Deleplanque, his next successor. And to live a perfect first season, with a rise in Federal 2 at the key.

“We had two great seasons there. Pascal is an excellent trainer. I am happy that he will succeed me at the head of the seniors at the start of the school year, even if I would have seen David Lemi become the manager of the club. Because he has a crazy class, in addition to being humble and of an admirable discipline. But the current leaders have decided otherwise. »

Ode to the Lambert-Nogarède years

At the start of the 2000s, Ebroïc rugby was led by the late Jean-François Lambert, a charismatic president who knew how to surround himself with rugby specialists who did not think like him why. But who completes the team. Strong personalities like Éric Canton and the indescribable Alain Nogarède.

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“Alain was the guy who did everything to make us feel good. Who took care of finding us work around so that we could play at the EAC. It was he who found me a job as a sports teacher in Anet, in a horticultural school. Where I met Myriam, my wife, the mother of my twins. »

Beneath its gruff airs, the Deléger is a tender heart, with an exacerbated family fiber.

“However, when Mimi (Myriam) came to see me play for the first time in Évreux, she did not recognize me. And when I say “not recognized”, it’s because she asked the spectators where I was on the ground! I didn’t look the same as I do every day. And I was a little more restless, we’ll say…’

“We were scrapping, we were fitting. We were there to send off”

Because being on a rugby pitch in 2000 had nothing to do with the game today.

“I had my little career as a 3rd line, but I admit that I have trouble remembering my matches from that time. It is unclear. Even our draw (12-12) in Meaux which gave us access to the Federal 2, I have very few memories. It seems very far to me. When we played in front, at the time, we did not calculate. We were scrapping, we were fitting (sic). We didn’t even know the score during the match, most often. We were there to send off (re-sic) and to win, above all, the respect of our opponents. »

Franck Deléger is well aware that today’s rugby requires other qualities.

“Everything is different in attitude. The players are more tactical, more strategic. On their request more today. »

The educator quickly understood this. By first confronting the training of minots, then by becoming a first time coach of the senior teams alongside Charles Varnier, after having proven himself with the minimal then the juniors of an Ovalie Porte de l’Eure (OPE ) which were then evolving at the national level.

One coronation to start, two final phases to finish

“My greatest emotions as a coach were perhaps with the minors, when we were crowned French amateur club champions. But the two qualifications in the final stages that we have been able to achieve with Toto (Thomas Lasseur) and all the seniors over the past four years, interspersed with two covid seasons, that’s not nothing either! »

A nice way to close the circle, one might say, between the accession of spring 2000 and this final in Occitania last May.

But that did not translate into this beautiful celebration that the Deléger-Lasseur duo would have deserved.

Last team photo, on May 1st in an unfortunately very dull Rochard stadium.
Last team photo, on May 1, in an unfortunately very dull Rochard stadium. ©TE/Eure Info La Dépêche

A departure in indifference

The small guard of honor proposed by the players in front of almost empty stands, on May 1, gives an obsolete aspect to this final which should not have been one, moreover.

“This game should have been a party, but not necessarily the last of the season. But we didn’t feel that we were pushing behind us to go further in the battle. »

It is therefore in sad anonymity that the Deléger page turned, last May. Curious feeling in a sport which boasts of its human qualities and which always finds a good reason to celebrate, even after a snub.

“I remember precisely those years of the Lambert-Nogarède duo, when the most enduring ended up at Place Clemenceau for a well-watered meal. I also liked the passage of Cyriaque Crevel to the presidency, and of course the presence of Didier Aubert for so many years, around the field, before, during and after the matches. But for me, an introduction to the clubhouse is missing today. Where friendships are created and this group cohesion which brings solidarity on the ground. »

Lack of trust

Beyond that, Franck Deléger above all lacked this notion of trust that we humans always need to flourish. A confidence that he lacked, between pettiness and small betrayals, pushing him to negotiate a conventional break last September.

“But I wanted to end the season with this group, alongside David Lemi and boys who gave a lot. It was a great adventure to conclude more than 20 seasons at the EAC. »

An adventure led with a few inseparable like Patrick Adam – he also left last year without being publicly thanked – like Mathieu Queval or like the late Benoît Cadiou. And like Thomas Lasseur, of course.

Reunion in October in Évreux

With the latter, the adventure is not over.

He and Franck Deléger agreed to take the reins of the rapprochement between the two clubs of Petit-Couronne and Elbeuf. They will therefore be at the helm of this 76 agreement this season, in Federal 3 as well. In the same group as Évreux.

“We will play at the Rochard stadium on the 3rd day (Editor’s note: Sunday October 9). It will be fun to sit on the visitor’s bench, that’s for sure. »

Especially when, on this bench, a certain Pascal Deleplanque will have resumed his place, as in 1999. Even in rugby, life is often an eternal restart.

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