Rugby: Gimont a confirmed start to the season

the essential
This weekend, the seniors of Gimont signed a performance. A look behind the scenes of this feat. Back also on the hopes nourished by the young people of the B.

Excellence B (hopes). Stade Ruthénois II 29-ES Gimont II 19. The meeting started off on a good footing and the visitors chained the playing times with quite a bit of control. Despite everything, the precipitation does not reward them and the success of the striker will be lacking to take the score. Then, the Stars will accumulate faults and will be regularly penalized, repelling the locals to lead to the score. At the break, the score was within reach of the ESG (16-14), despite two tries scored by Nathan Ceccato and Thomas Brocas, transformed by the opener Baptiste Villamot, against one in Rodez.

Then, in the 2nd period, once again, the repetition of faults would leave the locals in front, despite a good attack leading to a badly negotiated excess number by the Gimont opener. A try from Rodez from the back replacing against a try from Bergamo on the Gimont side was going to get the final score (29-19) for Rodez because the indiscipline from Gimont was going to be expensive in the end.

For the next still perilous trip to Nérac (47) on Sunday September 25, it will be necessary to erase this indiscipline, while keeping the desire and the commitment, and to add to it a better mastery of the highlights to hope for a positive result which nevertheless tended the arm in Aveyron.

Behind the scenes

In an “XXL” day concocted by the Aveyron leaders to mark the spirits of a return to the federal government, Thomas Taché’s men signed a major feat, in a cauldron of more than 2,000 spectators. Despite the slag in conquest and the defensive approximations, the stars hung on, ignoring the context. In the end, a crossover with an incessant score, ending in the final that we know. A founding act for the rest of the season. Sunday, September 25 already arrives an equally delicate trip to Nérac. Manager Adrien Rowling looks back on the game against Rodez: “We entered the game very crisp. We got a red card after 20 minutes, which forced us to play in numerical inferiority for an hour. The guys were heroic We will remember the state of mind of the group more than the content of our match. But it bodes well for the future”.

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