Rugby holiday may not continue in Souillac

Despite a two-year interruption linked to Covid-19, the Rugby vacation operation initiated by Jacques Cambou and Frédéric Pomarel 22 years ago and relayed by the CD 46 chaired by Jean-Claude Tardieu resumed its activities in July. Meeting this July 29 with Jean-Claude Tardieu.

Tell us a bit about this recovery?

A little complicated due to Covid still present but, also, by the unavailability of the stadium due to work. Be that as it may, July was able to take place in an excellent atmosphere.

You welcomed in July so many children who come from the four parts of France?

Yes, but also from further afield with Irish, Reunionese or even Martiniquais.

Tell us about the activities on offer?

Intergroup meetings related to rugby and, at the end of the week, fun activities: canoeing, fishing, rugby golf, hiking, visits to sites such as Rocamadour, the rock of the eagles, without forgetting the Drop burger evening on Thursday evening which is a real success.

Do these young people come to the Lot and are often won over by this programme?

Absolutely and whatever their age, everyone is delighted to take part in these activities with joy and good humor.

What impact for your sport?

The children were enthusiastic to have been able, every week, to dialogue in Face-Time with personalities from the world of rugby: the president Bernard Laporte, the international and coach of Racing Didier Casadéi or Antoine Dupont, our national hero. So I’m sure that the promotion of rugby will happen naturally.

A few comments ?

Yes, and in particular one that saddens me is not being able to continue this operation in Souillac for financial reasons. Indeed, after 22 years of existence the municipality asks us for the first time 400 € per week for the use of the facilities and, therefore, we have to pass them on to the trainees. It would be a shame for the promotion of Lot and Souillac in particular to relocate Rugby holidays because parents take the opportunity to visit our region. We wish, in the interest of all, that this problem is solved as soon as possible!

The town hall “very surprised”

Contacted by the editorial staff, the town hall explains its decision: “Souillac and its inhabitants do not have to bear a financial burden linked to the general operation of the departmental rugby committee. Hence the municipal decision to impose a light participation in running costs of the stadiums, not impacting the sustainability of Rugby Vacances”. The community says it is “very surprised at the reactions of the committee knowing that the dialogue is open, that they were received at the town hall and even signed the two-party agreement favorably before the internships”. She confirms “making multiple facilities available again this year. If President Tardieu’s choice is to relocate to another city, we will take note of it.”

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