Rugby. HORRIBLE: Nigel Owens reveals homophobic insults received in a letter

Ex-international referee Nigel Owens has posted a horrific homophobic letter he received. (©Icon Sport)

This is the kind of letter no one deserves to receive. Several weeks ago, the former Welsh 100 international referee, Nigel Owens (51 years old), received a letters including insult homophobes to his desire. As a reminder, the latter had publicly revealed, in 2007, his homosexuality through an interview for a Welsh newspaper.

Nigel Owens hesitated to publish the letter

Distraught, Nigel Owens wondered for a long time before posting the letter on his account or not. Twitter. “I gave a lot of thought before publishing this letter which I received in the post a few weeks ago and which is signed by a steelworker,” he wrote. But for him, it is necessary that the author of these insulting remarks be called to order. “But if we don’t start exposing these kinds of people, nothing will change. It hurts and there’s no need for all that hate. #Be kind “.

Here is the translation of the homophobic letter received and shared by Nigel Owens: “The Bible says that man should not lie with man nor woman with woman, it is an abomination. Nor should men dress in women’s clothes, nor women in men’s clothes. Where do you think AIDS comes from? This is God’s punishment for sodomites. Forget that people pretend to accept you because they don’t. It’s the same for Gareth Thomas. His teammates think he’s disgusting. He too is punished by God. Only a queer would buy a Korean car. You should be ashamed “.

Gareth Thomas reacted to Nigel Owens’ post

Mentioned in the letter, the ex-international and Welsh captain Gareth Thomas (100 selections), had also, in 2009, revealed his homosexuality in broad daylight, before announcing his HIV status, 10 years later;

Under the publication of Nigel Owens, the ex-back of the Toulouse stadium wanted to welcome the decision of the former international referee, stating that he had already received the same type of insults from the same individual. “He writes these kinds of letters to everyone, congratulations for having denounced him”, thus congratulated Gareth Thomas.

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