RUGBY. Kolbe, Tambwe, Épée… Who will be the fastest player in the Top 14 this season?

Since the arrival of Cheslin Kolbe in France in 2017, France has looked with a different eye on all the boys with fiery legs, modest builds and confusing supports. It must be said that in 5 seasons in the South, the elf of Kraiifontain has turned the heads of hundreds of defenders, planted dozens of tries, humiliated more than one father. And if his performance has been much lower for 18 months, the fault of injuries, a chaining and a stormy transfer to Toulon, the 28-year-old winger remains the very symbol of speed, explosiveness and footwork in our pay. However, despite a flash of 36.9 km/h in the middle of a match, Kolbe is not the fastest player in our championship.

VIDEO. Devastating support, mystifications, the best of Cheslin Kolbe with Toulouse

It must be said that here and there, some of his colleagues “pedal faster than they speak”, as they say. The example of Raymond Rhule, already flashed at 38km/h in the Top 14 during his years in Grenoble, is certainly the most evocative. Last season, everyone still remembers his try in the Champions Cup final or his relaunch initiative at Deflandre, against Racing 92, a real compendium of punch and speed. Deflandre, who will also welcome another boy who burns the lawn when he takes his long stride, since Teddy Thomas has joined La Rochelle, as you know. To this day, “TT” is still vying for the title of fastest Habs in the championship with Damian Penaud, and has been for several seasons. Facing Biarritz last season, the winger with 28 selections offers himself a small 5’50 sec in a quasi-standing start over 50 meters. Penaud has already reached 37.2 km/h in matches during the 2018/2019 season…

VIDEO.  Top 14. Teddy Thomas places a lightning acceleration that subjugated the Biarritz defenseVIDEO. Top 14. Teddy Thomas places a lightning acceleration that subjugated the Biarritz defense

Still, the two scoring machines would now be on the verge of being overtaken by a boy who tried his hand brilliantly on the 7-a-side scene last season: Nelson Épée. The one who was also dubbed by Cheslin Kolbe not so long ago is in any case faster than his elders in top speed, that is a certainty. The 21-year-old winger has already been put back to 38.2 km / h in training! By way of comparison and to our knowledge, not sure that a single French athlete, apart from sprinters, is capable of reaching such a top speed. Even if the decathlete Kevin Mayer has just recently slammed a 100m in 10’62 sec at the worlds in Eugene (United States).

VIDEO.  SEVEN.  At nearly 40km/h, Toulouse's Nelson Épée crushes the defenses in VancouverVIDEO. SEVEN. At nearly 40km/h, Toulouse’s Nelson Épée crushes the defenses in Vancouver

Elsewhere on our lawns, it’s hard not to mention the athlete that is Ben Lam, 109 kilos on the scale but whose best stopwatch over the queen distance would be 10’80 sec. Or the case of Regan Grace, the new Racing recruit, whose GPS is already in a state of 36.07 km / h reached in the middle of a match. But above all, the former treiziste would have already completed a 100m in 9’98 sec in training and on a rolling start. Which gives conditions quite far from reality, it is true, but which nevertheless offers a good idea of ​​the fire that this 25-year-old Welshman has in his legs… Despite everything, this season the fastest boy in the Top 14 should be on the Bordeaux side. Is Ben Lam going to Montpellier? It is therefore the “speedster” Madosh Tambwe who arrives in Chaban with his crazy speed qualities. Younger, the native of Kinshasa would have already slammed a 100m in an incredible 10’61 seconds! While we have a few tracks that could beat him in South Africa or England, no one is able to run as fast and for as long a distance as the former Bulls player. At least according to what has already been described…

After Aplon or Kolbe, will Madosh Tambwe be the next South African terror in the Top 14?After Aplon or Kolbe, will Madosh Tambwe be the next South African terror in the Top 14?

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