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Justin Bouraux and Enzo Reybier: mixed destinies

The two young Jurassians started rugby together in Saint-Claude before joining Oyonnax where they turned professional. A common journey that has created strong ties.

From under 9 to adults, Justin Bouraux and Enzo Reybier (20) do not let go of a crampon. The two Jurassians started rugby at the same time at FC Saint-Claude, before joining the regional locomotive Oyonnax, in less than 15 years. A change facilitated by Oyo’Sphère, this partnership set up in 2015 by the high-bug club which today brings together 12 teams, with the aim of leading young talents to the top level.

“We were at the start of the Oyo’Sphère, recalls winger Enzo Reybier. We’ve been following each other since we started at Saint-Claude and now we play together as a pro… We’re enjoying ourselves! “This season in Pro D2, the two “Oyomen” even shared a tenure against Biarritz on the first day. “Enzo is my best friend. It’s great to experience this together, ”rejoices Justin Bouraux, versatile author of the Oyonnax back lines.

“In U11, they already had very complicit phases of play”

“In less than 11 years, they already had phases of play where they were very accomplices” recalls Christophe Cavalli, in charge of the Saint-Claude rugby school, marked “until the end of (his) life by the two seasons he coached the duo. “They were above in the reading of the game. The educators of the other teams asked their kids not to play in the areas where Enzo or Justin were summarized, smiles the coach. It was my “dream team”” he adds, his voice full of nostalgia.

A strong bond with Cavalli

A memory also engraved in the memory of the two Jurassians. “We have a strong bond with Christophe Cavalli, confirms Justin Bouraux, regular spectator of Saint-Claude. He asks us to come to youth training. It makes us happy and the young people too. »

A link that makes Christophe Cavalli the privileged witness of an evolution that could perhaps lead the two Sanclaudians to the Top 14 with Oyonnax, the current undisputed leader of Pro D2. “They have the potential,” said the Jura coach. “When Oyonnax was in the Top 14, I saw them playing against the big teams and their stars… I had stars in my eyes”, recalls Justin Bouraux. “On a possibility of touching that, it’s exciting. »

It is in any case the next step in their common ascent, where the summoning of Enzo Reybier with the XV of France last June constitutes the only infidelity so far. But who knows how far fate can bind them.

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