RUGBY: Le Creusot offers homework help on Wednesdays before afternoon training

This is a first in Burgundy and it seems a first in France! Since the start of the school year after the All Saints holidays, the Club Olympique Creusot Bourgogne has welcomed children from CP to CM2 from the morning. Not for daycare, but for homework, under the supervision of a school principal. And, of course, in the afternoon, it’s rugby.

You had to think about it. Teddy Herniou and Benoît Lemaire did. The first is not only a first team member at the Club Olympique Creusot Bourgogne, but an employee of the club he is also responsible for the rugby school. The second is a school teacher, director of the Rosa Parks school and he has therefore decided to make himself available to the COCB, on Wednesday mornings, for the implementation of homework help unique in Burgundy and undoubtedly unique. in France.
Unique, because now, on Wednesdays, the Creusot rugby club therefore offers parents who wish to welcome children from CP to CM2. For a busy day.

It begins with homework help until mid-morning, continues on a theme that has nothing directly to do with homework or rugby. On the first Wednesday after the All Saints holidays, the children were thus entitled to information on dietetics and breakfast. Not to blow the wind or fill the weather. Because after the presentation the children were grouped in threes to put down on a sheet the important things they had retained. Because if good humor and relaxation are essential, so is seriousness. It is embodied as much by the educators involved in these very innovative days as by the two representatives of National Education who intervene on a voluntary basis. Meddy Mansour, a temporary worker at Rose Parks school, is also involved in this action, which is acclaimed by the children, all of whom are happy to spend “a full day at rugby”.

Help tailored to everyone

The reception takes place at the very beginning of the morning. When parents parent at work. Benoît Lemaire had already experimented with the principle of homework help… “I did it in Saint-Léger sur Dheune, where I was posted before being appointed to Le Creusot. Parents appreciated. But we were not on a one-day reception ”.
At Le Creusot, it was Teddy Herniou and Benoît Lemaire who found themselves to get the rocket off the ground. “The big advantage is that it’s not the parents who do the homework. Neither the masters nor the mistresses. It works better and is therefore more efficient. Children love it because this homework aid is adapted to each of their respective levels. A CP student is there to teach him to read words, to teach them to read. The help is really on the level. We really launched this to achieve quality, ”underlines Benoît Lemaire.

Math differently…

After the homework session, the children are therefore entitled, at the end of the morning, to discoveries. As the demonstration of the importance of a good breakfast. But it can be very different. “I planned to have them do algorithm and programming sessions. It’s very playful as far as logic is concerned. I also have robots to program,” explains Benoît Lemaire.
Teddy Herniou insists on this desire to go further than simple school homework: “We will talk to them about the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, even drugs, or even energy drinks, because we know that kids in smoking”.
It is said that rugby is the school of life. It is therefore even more true at the Club Olympique Creusot Bourgogne.

Even more the school of life

This year, the club has decided to limit the group to about fifteen children. A contribution of 10 euros is requested from the parents for the snack, the midday meal and the transport to the restaurant, since the children are taken to a restaurant. And not just to eat fries! Because in the afternoon, they have to be in good shape for their training session which ends around 4 p.m., after 8 hours at the club. In joy and good humor. But 8 hours very useful for the development of the child, his physical health and therefore the good construction of his personality.

(Photos Alain BOLLERY)

Gary Hamps: “My kid loves it”

Tiago is 8 years old. He has been playing rugby since the age of 4 and his parents have enrolled him in homework and rugby day. Gary Hamps, who worked in real estate, was seduced by the project… And I testify to it, the homework is super well done. It must be said that supervision is important. Six educators are indeed alongside Benoît and Meddy. I think it’s great that Tiago can spend days that he thinks are great. As proof, he even ate vegetables at the restaurant, when he was refractory.


Type on a Wednesday

8h15-8h30 reception
8h30-8h45 relaxation
8h45-10h00 homework help
10h00-10h15 relaxation
10:15 a.m.-11:30 a.m. information
11:30-11:45 a.m. relaxation
11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. shared meal
1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. rugby match on a giant screen
2:30-4:00 p.m. practice
4:30 p.m. Afternoon tea

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