Rugby League: Jean-Claude Touxagas is no longer

Jean-Claude Touxagas left us at the age of 64 / DR

November 22, 2022
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The news had the effect of a bomb in the Catalan country. The treizist of 66 and movement well beyondmourns the disappearance of Jean-Claude Touxagas, 64, retired banker, struck down by a heart attack Tuesday morning during a walk. Former player, then emblematic president of Palau XIII, vice-president of the FFR 13 until today, the Palauenc is also the father of Julien, former second line of the Catalans Dragons and currently manager of the reserve team, Saint-Estève XIII Catalan. Victim of a heart attack in recent months, Jean-Claude Touxagas seemed to have regained his health and confided “He felt better and better. » At the time of writing these lines, the family has not yet communicated on the place or the day of the funeral. La Semaine du Roussillon offers him its most sincere condolences. Alain Bonneriez

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