Rugby League: Loris Zammut, seed of champion in Conilhac-Corbières

The young Conilhacois, selected for the French rugby league team U17 category, arouses the happiness and pride of the entire local community. Meet.

The performance is impressive, it is the fruit of a real passion for sport. A craze that germinated very early in the mind of Loris Zammut (our edition of August 1).

When I was 4 years old, I started playing tennis at the Luc-sur-Orbieu club, but deep down it was rugby that attracted me the most. But I was too young, I had to be 5 to be accepted “.

Never mind, the following year, he accepted his wish and joined the FCL XII rugby school. With a fierce determination, he energetically engages in the practice of the oval ball.

In the field, at that age, you do not yet occupy a well-defined position ; thus among the minors, it extends as a center or sometimes half of opening. It is only from the youngest category that he asserts himself at the rear position.

This is the place I prefer, it gives me a certain freedom to undertake “. Definitely a function with serious consequences, which does not tolerate the slightest error and which suits our interlocutor remarkably well.

Eager for success, Loris is demanding of himself, he works tirelessly on his physical condition. Back, a nod to his great-grandfather Louis Marti, who held that position and made the FCL XIII first team happy in the 1950s.

Is it a sign of fate ?

Still, this strange similarity moves and gives pride to a whole family, in particular to his parents Fabrice and Séverine, his Lucquois grandparents René Amilhat and his wife Nadine.

Loris proves to be skilful, quick, effective in defense, formidable in attack. Natural predispositions in this player who did not leave the national leaders indifferent. The young sportsman was summoned this year to the first national selection stage and distinguished himself there brilliantly.

He is selected among the 22 best players to participate in the two test matches against the England team. “ From a very young age, my dream was to one day wear the jersey of the France team. It was a goal I had set myself. Knowing that I was selected was exceptional “.

This experience in the national team was promising, the two meetings against the British ended in two brilliant victories. Loris even scored a try in the 2nd test match on the 25th July in Marseilles.

A first selection which manifested the young student in sport-study, the memory will remain indelible. At the time of the national anthem, the young hope of French rugby, tearful eyes riveted to the sky, had a moving thought for his great-grandfather Louis. Certainly the latter would have been very proud.

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