Rugby: Mauvezin reservists overtook Nérac

Faced with their counterparts from Nérac, the reservists of the RSM fell on heavy ground. The Mauvezin pack, on the whole, returned a good quintal to their opponent, but they played valiantly and stood up. At the quarter of an hour of play, the Lot-et-Garonnais are put at fault and Flavien Masarotti opens the score from 35 m. Eight minutes later, the Néracais won in a touch.

Half an hour into the game, the forwards bend their opponents. Lucien Cagnat, in 9, serves Masarotti, the ball flies to winger Baron for a corner try, despite everything transformed by Masarotti. End of the first half with a slight advantage for RSM, 10 to 7. From the start of the 2nd half, the Néracais let their power speak and three times scored with carried balls to finally win 20 to 10. Bruno Taupiac’s team shouldn’t be ashamed of this defeat because they gave it their all. Have played Esquiro, Lalanne, Verlhope, Carrère, Delprat, Taupiac (cap), Goulard. Coquerel, Cagnat (m), Masarotti (o), Diana, Riva, Tonin, Baron, Guichard, Smarra, Cazorla, Cot, Manas, Greyse, Paulineau and Larribeau.

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