Rugby: “My departure has nothing to do with Christophe Urios”, Cameron Woki looks back on his transfer to Racing 92

Since his surprise transfer to Racing 92 in early July, Cameron Woki had remained silent on the reasons for his hasty departure from Union Bordeaux Bègles, where he had one year left on his contract. The 23-year-old French international, who has signed up for four years in the capital, chose to express himself in the team when it was time to start training in his new colors.

The Francilien, who discovered rugby at Bobigny and revealed himself at Massy, ​​wanted to deliver his truth. He did not leave the Gironde because of tensions with his coach Christophe Urios, who had targeted him at the end of the season, notably launching a “Cameron, I don’t see him” after a defeat in Perpignan.

“I’m starting a new cycle. It’s time to suffer a trophy”

“My departure has nothing to do with Christophe Urios. Let things be very clear. Everything that has been said or written about our relationship is wrong, he explains. My case has produced too many false rumors (…) Yes, there were tensions after the episode in Perpignan. If I decided to speak, it is to say that I regret my gesture during the barrage against Racing (Editor’s note: won 36-16). This finger on the mouth (Editor’s note: to celebrate a test) produced bad vibes within the club. But I repeat, Christophe is not responsible for my departure. We keep a very good relationship. We had a big discussion before the semi-final against Montpellier (Editor’s note: 19-10 defeat). Behind, the tensions disappeared. At the end of the season pot, we had another long exchange. This episode is now behind me. »

Woki concedes, however, that he had a hard time coping with his trainer’s bloodshed. “I was touched by Christophe’s statements,” he continues. Since my arrival at UBB in 2017, I have always given my all. For five seasons, I never cheated. »

The third line wing or second line, whose company is a model in Paris, also reconsidered its choice to wear the colors sky and white. “Despite my departure to Bordeaux, my parents often cause the trip to see my home matches. I really need their support, to be with them, he says. But I have shortcomings. Today, I want to live my career alongside them. Share my failures, my victories. If tomorrow I lose a game, I don’t want to have my mother on the phone anymore, I want her to be by my side. This is the most important for me. »

Woki also insists on his desire to fill his cupboard with Racing 92. “I could have signed at Stade Français, a club with a great history. But the choice of Racing turned out to be obvious, he admits. The team contests the European Cup every year and aims for the title in both competitions. Far be it from me to denigrate Stade Français. But I want to win titles and I am convinced that this will be the case at Racing (…) Racing will allow me to mature. I start a new cycle. It’s time to suffer a trophy. »

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