Rugby – National 2 – the CAP is doing the great operation of the day

On the Périgord sport side, on this weekend of November 12 and 13, 2022, we have retained the performance of the capists in National 2 rugby and all day in Federal, with Belvès at home in Federal 2, and the match at the top of the table , Vergt facing the leader Figeac in Fédérale 3. The point on the performances of Bergerac and Trélissac in the National 2 championship and just before facing the Ligue 2 clubs in the Coupe de France football. Not to mention the results in handball and basketball at the regional level.


Rugby, National 2, Périgueux beats Fleurance

The CAP receives Fleurance at the Stade Francis Rongièras in National 2 rugby

Alain Curutchet, CAP vice-president

Perigueux 21-5 Fleurance. This Sunday, November 13, 2022, 3:00 p.m., kickoff of the match of the capists, paying for the 8th day of National 2 rugby. In front of its public and its supporters of the Francis Rongièras stadium, the CAP was keen to redeem itself for its false step of 15 days ago in Saint Jean de Luz. It’s a precious victory for the CAP and also a great operation in the standings, since the day before, the first two, Auch and Niort were neutralized 19-19. We were a little bored in the first half, the referee intervened too often and the game was not pleasant to follow. Halftime comes as Périgueux leads 14 to 5. Upon returning from the locker room, Fleurance will not score a single point. The capistes continued their efforts and ended up winning, 21 to 5. The only false note was a Périgord try not granted by the referee which would have allowed the offensive bonus point. Périgueux will play in Marmande next week. Listen to the hot reaction of head coach Richard Hill, all the content of this result, because the Périgord infirmary is full. Full results and standings


Rugby, Federal 1, Bergerac still in doubt

Rooms 25-23 Bergerac. For this 8th day of Pool 4, US Bergerac was away, this Sunday afternoon against Salles. Full results and standings
. Bergerac makes the best start of the game, but after a big domination, the Bergerac player Castagnier sees himself failed with a second yellow card, which observers consider unjustified. This allows Salles to go up in score and register a try, not transformed. Parity score 11 to 11 at halftime. Alas during the second half, Salles regained the upper hand and Bergerac still lost very little on the outside. The situation is complicated for USB.

Bergerac traveling to Salles in Federal 1 rugby

Thibault Chauvin correspondent US Bergerac Rugby

Rugby, Federal 2, Belvès in reconquest mode

The Belvès team which plays in Federal 2

Belvesois Stadium

Belves 30-28 Levezou Segala. This Sunday afternoon, Belvès found its public for this match of the 8th day of Pool 4. Belvès needed to revive after its defeat of last week. It’s chosen done, even if the victory was difficult and narrow. Full results and standings

Rugby, Federal 3, Vergt against Figeac, the match at the top

Vergt receives the leader Figeac for a match at the top of Federal 3 rugby

Hervé Janot, drone manager

Vergt 23-18 Figeac. Match at the top of this 7th day of Pool 15 of Fédérale 3. The leader, Figeac, on the road, this Sunday, November 13, 2022 on the lawn of Vergt. A fine feat by the UAV which brought down the leader, Figeac, who lost for the first time this season. This proves that Vergt is in the game and as one of the three favorites of pool 4. The first half comes down to a duel of scorers. A closed match and the openings will occur upon returning from the locker room. Vergt performs a fine operation in the standings. Hervé Janot, one of the Vernois leaders reacts to this short but beautiful victory. Vergt is joint leader with Figeac. Full results and standings


  • Le Bugue 21-33 Sarlat
  • Argentat 27-25 Saint-Astier-Neuvic
  • Lacapelle Marival 25-18 Lardin Saint Lazare
  • Lalinde 22-25 Nonton. Second victory of the season for Nontron.

Rugby, the results in Regional 1, Pools 2 and 3

  • Juillac Objat 23-28 Montignac
  • NSL Rugby 37-3 Cublac-Terrasson
  • Ras Des 2 Vallées 20-20 XV Upper Périgord
  • Riberac 38-25 Trelissac
  • Saint Cyprien 17-18 The Passage
  • Mussidan 13-9 Confluent Rugby

Football, National 2, it gets stuck for Périgord clubs before the Coupe de France

Trélissac FC beaten at Moulins Yzeure before meeting the Girondins de Bordeaux

Trelissac Football Club

Moulins Yzeure 4-2 Trélissac. There was better to gain confidence before facing the Girondins de Bordeaux next weekend in the 8th round of the Coupe de France football. The Trélissacois who were nevertheless leading 2 to 0 in the 45th minute, saw their opponents return who scored 2 goals in quick succession and returned to the locker room tied, 2 to 2. Then, it was no longer the same match, pushed by its supporters, Moulins Yzeure regains confidence. Trélissac lety penal rate to lead again in the game and cash in against 2 other goals. “The opponent had a little more desire and we changed the system in defense and obviously it didn’t work” basically told us, Jimmy Burgho, the captain from Trélissac. FFF results and ranking site


Christophe Fauvel.
©Radio France

Benjamin Fontaine

Bergerac 0-0 Chamalieres. Bergerac played his match of the 10th day of National 2 football on Friday evening. The Bergeracois faced a very playful and particularly determined opponent. On the Bergerac side, he will have missed realism. Small technical details and low prices did not allow the opening of the score. Here are two points lost at home, after, however, the beautiful victory of the Bergeracois in Angoulême, last week. There was, perhaps, unconscious restraint within the Bergerac team, before the 64th final of the Coupe de France, Friday in Campréal, against Niort, a Ligue 2 club. FFF results and ranking site


Football, our Périgord clubs in the New Aquitaine League

Regional 1, Pool B : Feytiat 0-2 Trelissac (2) – Saint Medard 0-1 BoulazacMussidan-Saint Medard 0-3 Brive – FFF ranking site.

Regional 2, Pool D : Nontron-Saint-Pardoux 2-2 Files JSA. Limens at the top, Nontron at the bottom. FFF ranking site
. Regional 2, Pool E : Saint Helena 3-3 Bergerac (2)Sarlat-Marcillac 3-3 Cenon – Prigonrieux 2-1 Bergerac-la-Catte – FFF ranking site.

Regional 3, Pool E : Trelissac (3) 6-0 Aurence Roussillon – Mareuil-Verteillac 2-0 ASPO Brive – Chancelade-Marsac 2-1 Feytiat – Ranking.

Regional 3, Pool F : Perigord Center (postponed) Soyaux – Thenon-Limeyrat-Fossemagne 1-3 Lane – Saint-Yrieix 2-0 Coulounieix-Chamiers – Saint Junien 1-2 –Riberac. Ribérac is a good second, behind the chef, Saint Yrieix – FFF ranking site.

Regional 3, Pool H : Montpon Menesplet 1-0 Dropt Country – Gensac-Montcaret 1-5 Lot Valley. FFF ranking site
Women’s Regional 1 : Bressuire 0-4 BergeracTrelissac 4-1 Brives – FFF results and ranking site

The Ribérac football team plays in Regional 3

CAR football

Basketball, results of Périgord clubs in National and New Aquitaine League

National U18 Elite Male : Basket Boulazac Dordogne 76-92 Adour-Dax. FFBB results and ranking site
Regional 2 Women: Limoges ABC 76-72 Lardin Basket Club – Panazol 100-38 American Bergerac Basket. FFBB results and ranking site
Regional 2 Male : Saint-Front de Pradoux 67-70 Saint Pantaleon – Limoges Basket Club 73-87 Basket Boulazac Dordogne (2). FFBB Results Site
Regional 3 Women : Uzerche 72-64 ASPTT Greater PerigueuxSAS Basket 43-31 Tulle Correze – isaac 58-44 Chambon-Evaux – Beaulieu 52-75 Basketball US Bassillac. FFBB results and ranking site

Saint Front de Pradoux basketball team

ES Saint Front de Pradoux

Handball, results of Périgord clubs in National and New Aquitaine League

National 3 Women : Marmande 39-27 Perigueux Handball. FFHB results and ranking site
Women’s Pre National : Riberac 26-26 Perigord South-West agreement. FFHB results and ranking site
Men’s Pre National : Lezay-Celles 23-48 HBC Champcevinel. FFHB results and ranking site
Women’s Regional Excellence : Vivonne 20-19 Perigueux Handball (2)Sarlat Island. FFHB results and ranking site.

Men’s Regional Excellence : Aunis La Rochelle Lalinde – FFHB results and ranking site
Men’s Regional Honor : Champcevinel (2) 26-30 montpon – Carbon White 34-37 Coulounieix-Chamiers. FFHB results and ranking site

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