Rugby Nationale, 10th day, TPR-SCA: Albi still can’t do it outside

Big disappointment for Sporting Club Albigensian this weekend. The proteges of Mathieu Bonello and Alexandre Albouy, who traveled to Tarbes on November 19, as part of the 10th day of National, lost on the final score of 21-6.

Technical sheet


Technical sheet

Tarbes PR Stadium: 21

SC Albigensian: 6

MT: 12-6

For Tarbes: 7P Oltmann (5th), Fuertes (20th, 26th, 40th, 48th, 51st, 59th).

For Albi: 2P Vidal (24th, 37th)

ACS: (1) Commenge, (2) Castant, (3) Brou, (4) Djossou, (5) Engelbrecht, (6) Roussel (cap), (7) Boutin, (8) Calmon, (9) (m) Vidal , (10) (o) Pehau, (11) Marzocca, (12) Mjekevu, (13) Andreu, (14) Lacointa, (15) Clergue.

Came into play: Soave, Sebire, Tchapnga, Fourès, Maciotta, Ekpe, Pouzoullic, Dospital.

The high Pyrenean mountain was too high for a heavily overhauled Sporting Club Albigensian, Saturday, November 19, on the meadow of the Maurice-Trélut stadium. The Tarnais, who could be the first to bring down the Tarbais at home, failed to clinch their first away success of the season. The usual substitutes and the relaunch players did not know how to seize the chance of a great performance outside the Stadium to continue the momentum acquired over the last block of matches. If they did not concede tries, the yellows and blacks conceded 21 penalty points for only six scored from the boot of the young opener, Théo Vidal. Dominated, good in melee and defense, but lacking in intensity in the fight, the Albigensians split their movement with zero points in the bag. At the end of this 10th day of the National championship, the proteges of Mathieu Bonello and Alexandre Albouy are now fifth in the standings. Next meeting, Saturday November 26 at home against one of the co-leaders, Bourg-en-Bresse (kick-off 6 p.m.).

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