Rugby / Nationale “The group is hardworking, don’t cheat”, the first impressions of Horacio San Martin, the new coach of SO Chambéry

Like Juan Pablo, did you discover the role of coach at the club or did you end your playing career?

“Yes, Nevers offered me to train the hopefuls when I stopped playing in 2018 and I accepted the offer to take care of the training center. It was an opportunity to stay in rugby. I had been a captain, but I had never coached. I passed the diplomas and the people of the club helped me a lot in terms of pedagogy, organization, during the process of adaptation. »

What image will you have of Chambéry then?

“I had played against them with Nevers, they were a tough team to play. The club sent back an image of a club that reinvented itself every year, in full evolution, and recently well established in the top 6. And with a game identity that suited me. »

But is it no longer the same role as the one you took on at the training center?

“No, with the senior teams, you have to be in the performance, more in the training. You have to shoot…

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