RUGBY. Nigel Owens doesn’t understand this new rule, and he’s not the only one

RUGBY. Can this experimental rule land in the Top 14?World Rugby has decided to experiment with the replacement of the red card in the Rugby Championship. We are reaching a new level in experimentation after having tested this rule in Super Rugby. As a reminder, this allows a team reduced to 14 following a definitive exclusion, to be able to play again at 15 after 20 minutes. And what we can say is that it is debated among supporters and observers alike. Red cards, Nigel Owens has distributed more than one in his career. If he thinks there should be changes in the game, this is not one of them.Well, something has to change, because if we continue like this with all these head collisions, we won’t have a game to watch for years to come. As the behavior of the players does not change. Reducing the red card to 20 minutes is not helpful in my opinion to change this type of reckless collisions“, commented the former international referee via his Twitter account.

Change the way players are sanctioned, this is not the right path to follow according to him. What needs to change according to the Welshman are the players’ tackling and clearing techniques and the applicable laws that are enforced, particularly around the contact zone. “The red card should not be given at least for reckless, dangerous or stupid action or acts of brutality. So, we will not have this discussion.“It’s like removing the fines for speeding. Would we be more respectful of the limits? The deterrent to change the behavior of the players is much more effective in his opinion if the team is reduced to 14 for the rest of the game rather than just 20 minutes.

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