Rugby: passing through Aveyron, Guy Novès gets loose on Bernard Laporte and the French Federation

Invited to the Bowling du Rouergue in Onet-le-Château, the former coach of Stade Toulousain and coach of the French rugby union team, Guy Novès, returned to the legal cases currently affecting the FFR.

Early Thursday evening, the company Orpi Bourran offered a back-to-school conference with its partners at Bowling du Rouergue in Onet-le-Chateau. It was on this occasion that Thomas Lacombe, director of the Ruthenian real estate company, a guest Guy Noves to speak in front of about 150 people.

During this moment of exchange – which was first shot at length at the Stade Toulousain – the former coach of the Ville Rose club as well as the French rugby team delivered many anecdotes to the various entrepreneurs and personalities. local sportswomen who were present at this meeting.

Among them, we found the cyclist Alexandre Geniez, the president of the Rodez bicycle club Victor Santos, or the former presidents of basketball and rugby in Rodez, Vincent Bonnefous and Charles Carnus.

Novès: “I can’t be happier than to see what shit they’re in”

In the last moments of the conference, Guy Novès was questioned about the legal cases affecting the French rugby federation, and in particular its president, the Ruthénois Bernard Laporte. In view of the turmoil that this case is currently causing in the world of ovality, he should probably expect that the subject will be mentioned at one time or another.

Before discussing what he offers suspicions of corruption, Novès first wanted to return to his last year of contract with the Blues, between 2016 and 2017. The only one he knew with Bernard Laporte as President of the FFR. He then described a very special relationship, since it does not exist. Indeed, he reported having seen his supervisor only three times…in one year.

Then came, for the native of Toulouse, the moment to talk about what has been in the news for several months. And he didn’t mince words about it. It must be said that he does not carry the defendants of this case in his heart. Whether it’s Bernard Laporte or Serge Simon, vice-president of the FFR, whom he has repeatedly called “the other branque”.

“I can’t be happier, happier, than to see what shit they’re in.” It is with these strong words that Guy Novès concluded this intervention of about an hour and a half in Aveyron.

A few hours earlier, upon his arrival on Onet, Novès mentioned, during an interview with Center Presse, the potential repercussions of such a case on the Blues a few months before the World Cup in France: “I don’t think that What is happening at the moment at the federation can impact the players. They are in their bubble, among friends. They want to play and be the best, that’s what matters to them. In my opinion, it won’t have , no impact on their performance.”

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