Rugby – Pro D2: After the defeat of the SUA in Carcassonne, “We must restore confidence in this team” for its manager Bernard Goutta

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Agenais manager Bernard Goutta regretted the lack of control of his troops after the defeat against Carcassonne.

What did the SUA lack to win in Carcassonne?

What worries me at the moment is that we don’t know how to respond to the opposing team’s strategy. We must congratulate this team from Carcassonne who played very well strategically. Yet it was not in their DNA. They were cold and disciplined, and then they mostly played fair with their footing. We just can’t manage to respond to his teams who play on foot. We had warned the guys, but we lacked control too much. We did not undertake. What also worries me is that we have lost a bit of confidence and we are playing with a lot of feverishness. We don’t dare go outside, we have a limited game. We focus too much on our attack and psychologically on the contrary instead of having a good effect on restricting our game even more. We will still work on this attack and then also strategically to respond to these teams who leave us the ball. Despite everything, we realize once again that we can win the match thanks to our state of mind because it was irreproachable, especially defensively. But in the mark areas, on a lack of precision. At the same time we are far and we are not far. Let’s work more on this precision and control.

Your forward package suffered in the second half…

Even in the first half, we did not manage to dominate this Carcassonne team. We will see on the video what happened on these scrums and these rucks where we were penalized. We will try to analyze why we were sanctioned because it is obvious that our lack of discipline was fatal to us. We have to learn from these games.

You have lost important keys…

It’s the choice of leaders, structures, game launches. That’s what we have to grow on. Afterwards, it’s good to have our balls in touch, but what do we do with them? In the first half we had our balls but we didn’t do anything with them. This is what we have to work on. Today, we are no longer dominant in the scrum or on our carried balls. The teams have adapted. It’s up to us to fix that.

Has Agen become too predictable for his opponents?

That’s what we’re working on. The question is what match scenario can we have? We realize that for three games the teams have been using the same strategy: they give us the ball. We’re going to work on that. How to play on these balls that the teams produce for us and how do the opponents provoke them? At half-time, we said to ourselves that there were exploitable counter-attack situations on the outside. Besides, the only try we score is by going to touch these corridors. Why don’t we go there anymore? We will discuss it with our game leaders, with the staff. We know that when building a project, it is the attack that takes the longest to set up. We have to restore confidence in this team, that’s all we need.

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