Rugby (Pro D2). Aginnum, a 16th man who managed to federate behind SU Agen

In the meantime, the association, which now has 86 members, and will hold its general meeting this Friday in Armandie (see elsewhere), is pursuing its primary mission: to unite all club lovers in and especially outside the department, to bring new ideas and additional resources. “Out of 28 new members this season, including 8 who have double hats in the two supporters’ clubs, Les Copains d’Armandie and Armandie fans 2000”, specifies vice-president Michael Parker. Confirmation that SUA supporters are more united than ever.

A kop created in Lacroix

If they leave it to the fan clubs to set the mood with drums and flags, the members of Aginnum stand out especially on game nights in Armandie with the guard of honor reserved for away players. of the stadium, like last Friday for the shock against Oyonnax with red smoke bombs rue Ferdinand David which “surprised” even manager Bernard Goutta. They then take their place in the Lacroix stand where they are united in a real kop. “We created a lung in Armandie to put the atmosphere in the stadium and revive the stands. »

A guard of honor with Aginnum-funded smoke bombs awaits AUS players outside Armandie before each home game.

Frederic Cormary

The members of Aginnum don’t count their time decorating the stadium. “We make proposals on our actions to Olivier Bastien, the general public manager of the SUA, who validates them, underlines Marianne Lafon. It allows us to arrive early at the stadium to install flags, balloons, tifo and tarpaulin. “The Aginnum are also very present in away games. They will also be a dozen this Thursday evening at the Albert-Domec stadium in Carcassonne. “We always travel with a tarp in the name of Aginnum, drums, trumpets and flags. But the logistics are more complicated outside. »

This does not prevent them from mobilizing and sharing their actions on social networks. “The advantage of travel is that we meet Aginnum or future Aginnum all over France”, assures Marianne Lafon who does not hide her happiness to see her team finally competitive in a new setting. “It makes everyone happy, especially since we have something that looks great. I who was subscribed in Ferrasse, we crossed one or two centuries! »

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