Rugby / Pro D2: at SU Agen, Malik Hamadache settles on the right

the essential
Tomorrow in Rouen, Malik Hamadache will honor his fifth tenure in a row.

Who would have bet on Malik Hamadache the day he signed in Agen? Not many people to be honest. The colossus (1m93 for 154 kg) accumulated 262 minutes played in three seasons. Big doubts – legitimate – therefore hovered around this arrival. Also, upon his arrival, the faithful observers of the handrail of Armandie wondered about the physical form of the player.

But it is these same supporters who were amazed by the player’s will in training. So much so that in a fortnight, he had already lost quite a bit of weight. Looking more closely, on paper, the right pillar passed by Albi, Pau or Montpellier arrived to replace Dave Ryan. Just that. It is clear that four days later, it is in any case taken seriously by all. Especially by his opponents. It’s already a great victory.

Fifth tenure

Tomorrow in Normandy, the right pillar with the physique of a mover will honor his fifth tenure of the season in the Agenais jersey. In five games. We can’t do better. Also, while one might think that Bernard Goutta would use him as an impact player in the second half, he starts every time. And above all, it brings its power. But also serves as a point of fixation since each time, Hamadache mobilizes two to three defenders. A faculty which should allow the Agenais to find continuity in the weeks to come.

Another area in which the right-hander has silenced the world: his contribution to the scrum over the length. Indeed, he often manages to dominate his vis-à-vis despite his large size. And this, during the fifty minutes that he plays almost every weekend. Obviously, he is not the most mobile in the field. Still, Malik Hamadache is doing the job for now. And Bernard Goutta is not mistaken by aligning it a fifth time in a row. Trust is mutual.

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