Rugby (Pro D2) – Before Biarritz-Carcassonne: change of course for Sauveterre

The animal, often called the boar according to his words, is however not the type to be overwhelmed by emotions. Simplicity, relaxation and serenity characterize him even if he warned his teammates, especially the forwards, that tonight he was going to have to be ready for battle. “There will be no restraint because I know that they will have none towards me! It is above all excitement that dominates. I can’t wait to see how it feels to play against them. It’s going to be strong, ”says the heel holder in advance for the fourth time in a row.


When you know that many matches in this championship, especially those of the BO since the start of the season, are decided on details, having a player who rarely knows the opposing team by heart can be useful when welcoming him: “ I had an exchange with Roger (Ripoll) on the scrum. He had his analysis but he wanted to see if I agreed with him and especially if I had other points to bring, rather technical. I also talked about it with Shaun, just before the set-up to get a few more details, to really leave nothing to chance. It’s not a long discussion but I think they like to have these few additional aspects, ”says Thomas Sauveterre.

“Here, I feel that it’s very much in the detail of the technique, the emotional side is less present”

At 29, it was precisely a new environment, a new structure and a new framework that he needed. “Last season, as I knew that the hard core of the team was going to be dispersed and I had the desire and the ambition to see something else”, slips the heel which is gave “a kick in the ass” by accepting the BO’s proposed two-year contract.

With Matthew Clarkin, Shaun Sowerby, Barry Maddocks and Roger Ripoll, he actually felt the difference. Management and management more Anglo-Saxon: “In Carca, there was a way of doing things that you can’t find elsewhere. Christian (Labit) is an incredible way of managing players, it’s perhaps less sharp and more human. Here, I feel that it is very much in the detail of the technique, the emotional side is less present”, he confides.

Biarritz style

As the rest of the group says and repeats at press conference length, Thomas Sauveterre is not worried about the potential of his team and its ability to gain momentum. “All it takes is a click, a full match for it to change. On the bases, in conquest on is well in place, all that is missing is the cogs, ”he assures.

When a band is new, is it harder to get those cogs in place behind than in front? “No”, answers Shaun Sowerby in echo (read elsewhere). The hooker abounds: “In the game it’s true that it’s complicated up front because even if we are dominant, there are positions to find, benchmarks to install and if we don’t put the team in the advance thanks to these elements, it is complicated for those behind to express themselves. »

“Now that I have arrived in Biarritz, everyone tells me that I would never want to leave”

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