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Pro D2 (5th day). Colomiers – RC Vannes: 27-30

The third is the good one! After two cruel defeats at Soyaux-Angoulême (30-31) and Rouen (16-21), RC Vannes clinched their first away win of the season on Thursday at Colomiers (30-27).

In addition to the good accounting operation, this success, obtained in numerical inferiority with a heroic defense, can serve as a trigger for the rest of the season.

From the 10th minute, the RCV took the lead thanks to a try from Nathanaël Hulleu (10-3). The winger on loan from Union Bordeaux-Bègles had already scored his third try of the season.

The Columérin rear Thomas Girard then lacked a defeat, yet in front of the poles (23 ‘).

All the lights were green. Especially since in the process, Nathanaël Hulleu was going to flatten in the en-but a second time taking advantage of an error by Johan Deysel, who had poor control of a ball in his 22 meters (25 ‘).

But following a video arbitration, Juan Pedemonte was exclusive for a blow to the face on Maxime Granouillet, who received a yellow card. Conclusion: test canceled and the promise of a lively match.

Far from being stunned by this decision, the Morbihannais went back to the front and went to register a try in force by the hooker Paga Tafili following a potential quickly played by Hugo Zabalza (27 ‘).

17 points ahead at the break

Awkward, Colomiers had refused a try because of a forward at the start of the action.

Heroic on their goal line, the Vannetais repelled the numerous waves from Haut-Garonne at the end of the first period. Effective on both sides of the field, they returned to the locker room with a 17-point lead (20-3).

Unfortunately, the second period, in numerical inferiority, turned into a nightmare for the RCV.

After suffering without conceding points in the first seven minutes, Jean-Noël Spitzer made four changes in order to bring in fresh blood.

But the opposite effect was happening. Approximate on the tackles, the Breton wall was pierced twice in just four minutes by Fabien Perrin (48 ‘) and Marco Fepulea’i (52 ‘).

Quentin Etienne lacked finesse that was well within his reach (58′). Unlike Thomas Girard who brought the two teams tied (61′). The tide seemed to have turned and Colomiers had 20 minutes to pick up a third home win in as many games this season.

But, against all expectations, RC Vannes, united, regained a 10-point lead thanks to a weakness from Etienne (66′) and a try from William Percillier (74′). Despite the late reaction from the locals by Saurs (79′), the difference was made.

RC Vannes won a unifying success at Colomiers (30-27) and temporarily rose to second place in the Pro D2, ahead of their evening opponent.


Arbitrator : Mr. Adrien Marbot


COLOMBIER. 3 tries by Perrin (48′), Fepulea’i (52′), Saurs (79′); 2 penalties (3′, 61′); 2 conversions (48′, 52′) from Girard.

RC VALVES. 3 tries from Hulleu (10′), Tafili (27′), Percillier (74′); 3 penalties from Lafarge (6′, 32′), Etienne (66′); 2 conversions (10′, 27′) by Lafarge.


COLOMBIER. 2 yellow cards for Granouillet (25′), Javaux (32′).

RC VALVES. 1 red card for Pedemonte (25′).

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