Rugby – Pro D2: SU Agen wants to gain height

the essential
In order not to concede a third defeat in a row, the SUA must bring back a good result from its trip to the ramparts of the city of Carcassonne (this evening, at 9 p.m.).

“Frustration”. This is the state of mind of the players of SU Agen currently. After an excellent start to the season, the Lot-et-Garonnais have slightly marked the blow in recent weeks, conceding two defeats in a row. “We came across a great team from Angoulême, and Oyonnax dominates the Pro D2… We could have done better but we mustn’t put our heads in the bottom of the bucket”.

Like his teammates, Arnaud Duputs applies the Coué method. “It’s a setback because we were on a very good dynamic, but we have to stay strong in the heads”. The inexhaustible third line knows the experience of the high level. “A season is ups and downs”.

So, since Sunday, the Agenais have put on the warm-up blue, preparing as well as possible for this trip to Carcassonne this Thursday evening, at 9 p.m. And, obviously, it pleased Bernard Goutta. “We did very good training. We sent that the players learned the lesson of the last two games,” said the Catalan manager. “There was this 2nd place at the cut. Everyone was talking to us about 2nd place, 1st place, Top 14, and this week of regeneration was not good for us”.

Returning to battle to spend the winter warm

Tonight, the SUA will have to put on their best warrior tunic against a jagged formation this season. Carcassonne has already lost twice at home, against Massy and Grenoble, but the Audois remain on a success at the siren acquired in Rouen last week. “It’s a team that has encountered a lot of fighting. We will have to be very good in the close areas”, recognizes Arnaud Duputs.

That turns out well. If he expects speed from three quarters, Bernard Goutta wants above all an irreproachable conquest, which has not been the case in the last two games. “It starts from there. We have to unleash a collective force in the forwards, even more with this change of season. The conquest will be important”.

And the Catalan manager to expect a very close match once again. “They have very strong players in duels, with a big pack and inspired three-quarters. But what worries me is that they have big ball carriers. They’re going to need a big defense and s” Adapt to playing conditions”.

For this meeting, the SUA will be without William Demotte, Martin Devergie or Dorian Bellot, who joined Captain Vincent Farré in the infirmary this week, but also Walter Desmaison, Théo Sauzaret or Thomas Vincent. On the contrary, the starting XV sees the returns of Hans Lombard-Buret or Théo Belan. Mike Sosene-Feagai, Corentin Vernet and Sonatane Takulua will be on the bench.

This meeting will also be the opportunity to offer a first tenure to young Clément Garrigues, very successful with the Espoirs. “We want to see him at work”, admits a rather confident Bernard Goutta at the dawn of this trip to Aude. “We have to start again on a new dynamic. For that, we have to find our state of mind because our strength is our collective”. Optimism and enthusiasm are essential, even if a third defeat in a row could have unfortunate consequences on the morale of the troops…

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