Rugby / Pro D2: with SU Agen, Manny Edmonds wants to “do simple but effective things”

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In training, he is often whistle in the mouth giving instructions. Manny Edmonds led the construction of the offensive game project, he reveals the outlines.

We are six days away from the first game of the season. First, in what physical condition are the troops?

This morning (yesterday) they started with a “bronco test” (15 round trips of different distances at sustained speed), so they were a bit tired after that. But we see with this group that, little by little, it is transformed physically and mentally. It was seen in this session, where they had trouble recovering but it improved afterwards.

Mentally, are you talking about competitive spirit?

I wasn’t here before so I can’t speak to the mental state of the players. But in any case, what we saw during this preparation was the mental reaction when we asked for intense efforts.

On the practice field, it feels like you and Dave Ryan are taking charge when Bernard Goutta is on the back foot. Is this your modus operandi?

Bernard has a lot to do off the pitch. To release him, with Dave, we prepare the sessions as much as possible. But Bernard intervenes of course, in particular on the attitudes in contact that he particularly likes.

You are in charge of the offensive game at the AUS. What is your philosophy in this sector?

The goal is to create a game system that everyone adheres to so that we find solutions. I don’t have my own system, it has changed over the years. You have to find how the collective is set up not only to move forward but also to score tries.

You saw many games last season, what did you want to change in particular?

I try to put in place simple but effective things. With some variations too. The goal is that we work more investments to make the right choice afterwards.

We see you picky in training, regularly stopping the game when you notice an error.

It depends on the type of session you are doing. On a calm session, when I see something that doesn’t suit me, I come back to it. And when I see something good, I say it too! But on sessions where more intensity is required, I do not interrupt the game.

Will the game plan be integrated for the first match in Aix? Or does it take more time?

It’s always complicated to be good from the start. The objective will be, over the two friendlies and the first block of five matches, to understand why it worked and why it didn’t. If we manage to do that, it means that the positions of the players are in place or, on the contrary, not in place. This will determine where one can go on the next block.

On this, is the team reacting well for the moment?

I provided a lot of information, Dave and Bernard on the new defensive system. There are a lot of new things to take in. So we see mistakes, but we also see that the intentions are good. We will work on precision now.

Do you already have an idea of ​​​​the starting XV in Aix or it will be the friends who will decide?

It is always the friendly matches that help us draw up this first composition. Because what we see in training is not quite how the players react on the pitch. Putting players under pressure in training is important to see their attitudes. But on these two matches, we will really see who deserves to play at Provence Rugby.

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