Rugby – Rodez: for manager Patrick Furet, “it would be jargon to say that we are aiming for maintenance”

As Rodez rugby prepares to return to the federal level after a draft at the end of the 2021-2022 financial year, general manager Patrick Furet talks about the club’s recruitment and ambition for the coming season.

Training Monday August 8 for your group. Where are you at with recruiting?
Our strategy was to integrate juniors into the senior group. They will be nine to go up. We remain in line with what has already been put in place at the training level. We wanted to act on the commitments we had made at that level. Then, on four files, which are about to be concluded. Until things have been finalized, I will not talk about it. I don’t want to make false joys. We made a diagnosis of the players and the positions to be filled very early in the season. We had the announcement of the rise in Federal 3 which was a little later, so we reviewed our objectives.

What are the positions of the four potential recruits?
We tried to target profiles that have a certain versatility. There is one who can play 8 or third line wing, one who plays first line and the other two will be versatile, and favored in the center or at the back. The goal is to have the full squad when the championship resumes on September 18.

What are the objectives defined this season in Fédérale 3?
Already, we must keep all humility. We know the path taken and the conditions under which we climbed into Federal 3.
We have the ambition to be able to give the Rodez club back the place it deserves. The objective set for the players will be to fight with the top of the pool. In terms of state of mind and will, we are all pulling in the same direction. We all want to try to catch the lead car. There are five locations to pick up for the endgames. You have to subscribe to that desire. We will revise these objectives downwards if we are not on the roadmap at the start of the season. But today, it would be waffling to say that we are aiming for maintenance, because it is not true. I am in a competitive state of mind and I am in a desire to register in the highest level of the federal. Our goals rhyme with ambition, not pretension.

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