Rugby Scapulaire – Ugo Boniface: “The conquest was not very good”

Invitation of the studios of TV7to participate in the show Top rugbyour left pillar, Ugo Bonifacereturned to the try taken at the start of the second half, following a well-measured kicking game from Camille Lopez : “ This test, when we take it, it hits us, especially when we come back from the locker room where we had said things to each other. To take a test like that at the outset, it hurts. The conquest was not very good. I think we put more pressure on ourselves than others chose in attack on the keys. In defense, we still had a very good game in their sharp six balls. It’s a shame to lose balls especially in their camp“.

He also returned to the complicated closed scrum match for our players: “ It was complicated, in the scrimmage we had good results in the other matches. There, we were a little jostled, we were caught on the impacts, on the speed of the melee connections. We will work on that and it will be fine. It was just a fault on our part and we will make up for it in the next matches.“.

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