Rugby: seniors from Lectoure to Vic-en-Bigorre

While the juniors, on Saturday, went to rub shoulders with their counterparts from the Entente Condom-Vic-Fezensac-Eauze for a very positive result (29 to 10) for a very promising team, the seniors moved the next day to Vic -en-Bigorre.

Among the rugged Pyreneans, it was never a walk in the park, everyone was aware of it. The end of the premiere match was stormy.

The reservists, a cohort made up of somewhat experienced players and young novices, also played. The lack of experience is compensated here by the desire to do well and the sense of the collective. Led twice in the first half, they were able to come back with a try, a conversion and a weakness from Heyberger. They are drawn from 7 points with the lemons but a new test from Costenaro, transformed by Heyberger, brought them back to 17 everywhere. Vic pushed, the Lectourois resisted, Vic presented a defeat, the Lectourois pressed on the opposing line until obtaining the defeat of the well-deserved draw. There is still work to do but the spirit is excellent.

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