Rugby: Stade Navarrais armed like never before

Navarrenx can count on 70 senior licensees for this new season.

Jean-Pierre Ompraret

By Jean-Pierre Ompraretpublished on amended .

The Darralde stadium reopened its doors last Sunday for the resumption of the Federal 3 championship. The stands and its surroundings were well stocked to witness the victory of Stade Navarrais in the derby against Barcus-Menditte (33-18).

The players on the ramparts have carefully prepared for their comeback since the training “monitored, serious and in number”, as coach Jean-Michel Tauzin pointed out, had already resumed in mid-July in Darralde. This is evidenced by the good performances achieved during the friendly preparation matches at Urrugne and in front of Arudy for team A and at Bedous for team B.

With a reinforced workforce of new recruits and the return of players who have made their mark at the club, Stade Navarrais has all the assets (70 licensees) to succeed in a season at least as good as the previous one in a pool where it will find Josbaig and arms Saint-Palais but also discover new clubs like Condom, Villeneuve-de-Marsan, Aire/Adour or even Nogaro.

Patrick Bouhaben and Jean-Michel Tauzin are the coaches of the pennant team, while Joël Bayle-Lasserre and Sébastien Billaud take care of the reserves. Bertrand Lasserre takes charge of the physical preparation.

The editorial staff advises you

The editorial staff advises you

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