Rugby: the new Seynoise defense coach wants “seriousness, involvement and good attitudes”

For almost four weeks now, the players of the Seynoise Sports Union have been sweating profusely on the ground at the Marquet stadium. A resumption of training where nothing is left to chance, where the few curious ones present themselves in the gallery observing the comings and goings of the staff which now includes manager Sébastien Decarre, three coaches and two physical trainers.

Among them, Didier Drif is the one who is in charge of the defense. This 43-year-old father arrived in his manager’s suitcases from Rumilly. “On a set worked for a single season since I previously worked at Servette in Geneva in honor, federal 3 then federal 2, he abounds. When he asked me to come with him, the decision was quick. Sébastien is someone I really appreciate, and the sports project did the rest.

“With Sébastien, the maybe does not exist”

So here he is in La Seyne, a club and a city that he didn’t know more than that, even if he used to come on vacation to Six-Fours. Integration was easy.

I work in the region where I came on vacation, it is rather appreciable. You just have to insert that the cap and sunscreen are mandatory during the sessions (laughs), smiled the technician. These first weeks bring out a voluntary group, 100% involved where the former very quickly integrated the recruits, while assimilating a new method and an additional workload. The speech is frank and honest. Anyway, with Sébastien, there are no innuendos. It’s yes or no. The maybe does not exist and this clarity is appreciated by the players and by ourselves who work with him.

Former professional hockey player

This former professional hockey player, who learned rugby from the age of 4 in Narbonne in a family that only speaks of the oval ball, was motivated during this preparation since the defense was put forward in July. All the staff will also have a watchful eye on this sector, this Friday at Berre-l’Étang (7:30 p.m.), on the occasion of the first preparation match of the summer.

A classic meeting of twice minutes where the staff will win between twenty-six and thirty players, knowing that those who are not traveling will play next Friday, this time, at Marquet against RC La Valette / Le Revest / La Garde / Le Pradet (federal 1).

We want to see seriousness, involvement, good attitudes in order to validate what has been worked on. Afterwards when we enter a field, it is to win even if we are on a game strategy and not always to take all the points.


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