Rugby: the RCBB in search of a second place before the truce

In the Beaujolais there is not only the CSV who performs on the rugby pitches. Rugby Club Belleville Beaujolais RCBB started its season favorably in Federal 3.“In seven games we moved more than we received from teams. We are on a total of five wins for two defeats”says Grégory Paquetet, club sports manager but also player of the senior team at the position of opening half.

A three out of three to leave quietly at home

In the regional division last year, the team moved up this season to the top category. A rather successful transition according to Gregory Package. “We stayed on the same dynamic as last year. We also had new reinforcements this summer which brought us nothing but positive things”, he assures. Among the new recruits, four former CSV players have arrived this season to complete the club’s squad. currently, the Red and black are third in the standings of the Hen 4. With three more games before the winter break, the sports manager would keep the workforce coming back to second place before the break. “Even if it’s easier said than done, we will try to do a three out of three to go home quietly”.

Go beyond maintenance

The goal for the start of the season for the club was to stay in Federal 3. “Unless there is a big failure, that we lose all our matches, we should be able to stay in this category”, comments the opening half. If the Bellevillois stay on this beautiful product, they could perhaps go for the final stages of the competition. “Top three, four and five could go 64e in the final the first two will go directly to 32e. From 16e it is the rise in Federal 2“, exposes Grégory Paquetet.

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