RUGBY: The Tigresses want to increase their squad

This is one of the areas that was developed during the general meeting held on Thursday June 30 at the Mille Club.

“We will have results with seriousness, presence at training and matches while maintaining a friendly, festive and family atmosphere.” It is with these few words that we will summarize the general assembly of Rugby Creusot Féminin les Tigresses which was held this Thursday, June 2022, 30 at the COCB club house.

Among the guests, let us note the presence of Moumen Achou 2nd deputy for sport and the aquatic complex of the Park and Arnaud Deleplanque Municipal councilor responsible for sport, prevention, safety and traffic. The COCB co-chairs were excused.

As president of the RCF les Tigresses, Catherine Dupuy hosted the GA. She presented the moral report and the activity report.
On the restraint of the moral report:
– Squad at the start of the season 27 players. As the season progressed, the squad dwindled for various reasons and the results were felt on the pitch. To fill this gap, in the future a greater presence in training is required, which will generate respect for the players among themselves and for themselves, respect for the managers, the office, its partners and supporters.
– Get recruits to inflate the workforce.
For this season, the arrival of new players has brought freshness. Despite a complicated return due to the pandemic, the group has regained cohesion, a good atmosphere, the joy of playing together, which is satisfying in itself.
– Thanks to the town hall for its help, Michel, Fabrice and René volunteers from the COCB for the preparations for receptions and washing of swimsuits.
Note for this year the agreement of rapprochement with the COCB which binds links of good understanding and cooperation which will be renewed for next season.

After the presentation of the sports report (see below), Catherine presented the future prospects for next season:
– Current squad ready for 2022/2023: 26 girls, 8 of whom will be new to the RCF squad.
– Make an appointment quickly with the doctors to have the licenses up to date as soon as possible, friendly match on September 11 in Rumilly.
– Tariff licenses to come, pending FFR.
– We are always looking for a reinforcement coach for those willing to help us. One of those is a problem player on some practice days and certainly game days.
– Dates to remember:

  • Late August/early September: Photos of the 2023 calendar presentation.
  • September 4: association day
  • September 11: friendly match
  • October 31: Halloween party
  • February 4: Lotto

Patrick Bièvre (Pat) assisted by Géraldine Gueugnon (Gégé) presented the sports report.
Patrick supports the President regarding attendance at training. For the year, the RCF participated in a pool of 5 teams, which made 8 matches and 1 friendly (Autun-Buxy). 9 games is not enough for a season and it is difficult to retain a workforce around such a meager championship.
Despite children, work, family life, the workforce must mobilize to be present at training and/or the number of players must be increased to compensate for last minute unforeseen events.
Number of 27 girls at the start of the season. 2 stops for long-term injuries, stops for various reasons including work. The team has played all its matches without forfeiting with a squad of 16 to 20 players per match. The result despite a thunderous start saw a rather disappointing sequel. 2 wins 6 losses. 13 trials were scored.
“I had a good time with the squad and for the future the girls will have to have fun in competition” delivered Patrick.

Aurélie Flety Murguet (Pin’s), treasurer, presented the financial report. In this period of COVID return, the accounts are very slightly in deficit which does not prevent bank assets from covering themselves quietly.

The representatives of the institutions congratulated the club and its office, its link with the COCB and its relations with the town hall.

As a whole, the steering committee was renewed. Laëtitia LAFOY joins the committee and takes the place of deputy president.

Office :

President: Catherine DUPUY
Deputy President: Laëtitia LAFOY
Secretary: Karine DUMONCEAU
Treasurer: Aurélie MURGUET
In charge of the partnership Vanessa GEORGES.

All goodwill will of course be welcomed with open arms.

We are happy to welcome a new arrival as a trainer in the person of Emmanuelle Monteil, ex-player of Biarritz women. She will bring us medical support as a professional nurse and most certainly her sporting experience.

The agenda being exhausted, and having no more questions from those present, the President of the assembly thanked the participants and the guests to drink the glass of friendship.

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