Rugby to XV: back at home, Agde must relaunch the machine in Federal 1

The poster for the weekend of Pool 2 of Fédérale 1 will oppose RO Agde in Annonay on Sunday. This meeting will have an air of revenge for Annonay who had been beaten by the Agathois in the quarter-finals of Federal 2.

On a cloud since his title of champion of France of Federal 2, obtained at the end of last June, the ROA unfortunately experienced the worst after having been close to the summits.

After a great start to the season, on its reach from the excellent previous year, the ROA was hit by a tragedy. The death of his center Benjamin Fourquier, the day after an improved success over Meyzieu (41-0).

“We didn’t expect to take so many pointsrecognize Thomas Janiquecoach of three quarters, surprise of the 5/5 achieved by his proteges to start. Then came the death of Benjaminhe adds, which, of course, suffered the whole club.”

Behind, during a moving tribute, the reception of Grasse allowed the Agathois to sign a new improved success (35-6), the first without their “number 12”, which nevertheless brought them “an extra boost of motivation”, Janik report.

But behind, the backlash was difficult for the Yellow and Blue, away from the Millet stadium for three weeks. First defeated in Villefranche-sur-Saône (16-12), then in Issoire (18-9) and finally in Gruissan (21-15).

“They have a budget twice ours”

“The machine has gone a little out of order on its away matchesnotes the technician. What I want to remember is the soul that the players had to win defensive bonus points in Villefranche then Gruissan.”

Sunday, it’s the Ardéchois d’Annonay (2nd, 31 pts) who will present themselves on the shores of the Mediterranean, with certainly, “an air of revenge”. Indeed, eliminated in the quarter-finals by the ROA (25-24) by a Mathieu Amoros more than ever inspired against the poles (20 pts), the Ardéchois have big ambitions this season. “They have a budget twice oursJanik analysis. Pros and want to go up to National 2.”

Three points behind the CSA, Agde wants to maintain its hegemony at home, and above all find the taste of victory. Especially given what awaits the teammates of captain Florian Chabaud in the coming weeks. A trip to Châteaurenard then the reception of Chef Berre.

“After this block of three matches, we will be able to know where we are”, concluded Thomas Janik. It will start this Sunday… at home.

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