RUGBY. Top 14. ”I regret my gesture”, says Cameron Woki (Racing 92)

Top 14. UBB. ‘I’m the boss, no one else’: Urios reacts curtly to Cameron Woki’s celebrationOne of the transfers of this Top 14 2021/2021 season will undoubtedly have been that of Cameron Woki to Racing 92. Few of them had imagined the Habs leaving UBB. However, the main interested party already knew that he would leave at the end of his contract. And this, despite the offers of its president. If he were to join the Ile-de-France team in 2023, an agreement was finally reached for him to leave before the end of his contract, as he explains to L’Equipe. If the deal took place a year earlier, it is not because of his manager Christophe Urios. The parties all saw this as an opportunity. “Everything that has been said or written about our relationship is wrong. My case has produced too many false rumors.“The Habs recognize that there was a lot of tension until the half-face in Montpellier. And that the technician’s words touched him.Yes, there were tensions after the episode in Perpignan. If I decided to speak, it is to say that I regret my gesture during the barrage against Racing.TOP 14. Burgundy.  Vili, Jalibert, Tambwe... Which XV for UBB in 2022-2023?TOP 14. Burgundy. Vili, Jalibert, Tambwe… Which XV for UBB in 2022-2023?This gesture, it is this finger on the mouth that has given rise to many speculations about its meaning. “This gesture is not me. It doesn’t look like me. It is the gesture of a frustrated and hurt man not to satisfy his manager.” Urios expected a lot from his players, and especially from his leaders. According to him, they had not lived up to expectations. The two men finally had a discussion before facing MHR in the semi-finals and then at the end of the season. According to him, the tensions have disappeared and this episode is now behind them. But he still left his mark. Christophe Urios has undoubtedly learned the lesson and could adapt his management this season. As for Woki, frustrated by the end of the season and this taste of unfinished business, he intends to soften the Brennus with Racing 92.

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