Rugby: training in Bouque de Lens

Since the beginning of September, the Bouque de Lens stadium, which benefits from its central geographical location between Comminges and Couserans, but also, whose structures and reception are appreciated by Guillaume Bonnemaison, the club’s technical adviser, who skillfully leads its sector, had the privilege of hosting three training meetings.

On Thursday, September 1, a first meeting aimed to outline the training of educators and coaches, from rugby school to seniors, including cadets and juniors. Christian Rougé (trainer graduate of the MCS) and Bruno Servat (of the Saint-Girons Sporting Club) lent their assistance to this meeting.

On September 8, security was the order of the day. Cadets, juniors, seniors coaches, but also some leaders of rugby schools in the area were present. Two federal referees, Florian Capelle and Mathieu Nirassou, intervened during this evening, to talk about the refereeing directives and the safety of the players.

Finally, Saturday morning September 17, place for arbitration, for a certificate of awareness of the rule, (ASR) with the categories: under 14 for boys, under 15 for girls. Thirty players and their educators listened to the explanations of Valentin Cambriel, a young referee in the making from the MCS and the CTC Guillaume Bonnemaison. These young people could without worries, direct the meetings of their categories, under the supervision of an educator. Such training can only be beneficial for rugby and could, why not, arouse some vocations.

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