RUGBY. Tuisova, Teddy Thomas… Who are the top 5 active scorers in the Top 14?

On our site, on a not badly spoken of Alivereti Raka in recent weeks. And for good reason, the Fijian of origin is both in good shape at the start of the season, as well as far in the hierarchy of the Blues wingers for the 2023 World Cup. And if he is at the heart of our catchphrase in this article , it is also for his qualities as a finisher. In this case, thanks to his double against Pau during the 2nd day, the international tricolor (5 selections) is very close to the symbolic bar of 50 tries in the Top 14, he who currently points to 49. Better, he also tallies the Top 5 of the best scorers in activity in our championship – the Médard or Picamoles having stopped in the off-season – closely followed by the Lyonnais Toby Arnold (48), currently injured. But in 2022/2023, who are the players who dominate this ranking? Is it likely to change during the season? Answers below.

15 FROM FRANCE. Alivereti Raka, the old bomb now far from the Blues

To celebrate his 29th birthday, the neo-Rochelais hopes to plant his first attempt under maritime colors the day before. Despite his good game, the tricolor winger did not dive in-goal to Deflandre, nor add a pawn in his pocket, he who is at 50 tries all round, in 107 Top 14 games. Thomas, who hopes to breathe new life into his career on the Atlantic coast. With his outstanding athletic qualities and his sense of trying, there is no doubt that the former rider will climb the rankings by the end of the season.

TOP 14. Best French scorer for 5 years, Teddy Thomas remains this eternal misunderstoodTOP 14. Best French scorer for 5 years, Teddy Thomas remains this eternal misunderstood

Did you forget it? And yet, the French international remains one of the very best finishers in the Top 14. At 32, the former Clermontois certainly scores less than before, but remains a tightrope walker capable of all the flashes on a good day. 54 tries is good, but let’s not forget that the native of Lautoka would have scored a good handful more, if he had not experienced multiple and serious injuries in his career. For his last year of contract in Lyon, he will try to climb the list again, despite competition from Niniashvili, Mignot or Tuisova on the exteriors of Gerland.

Tuisova, who is found right here, a step above her eldest. The youngest player in this ranking, the 28-year-old Fijian is the 3rd best active scorer in our championship. In 134 games in France, the LOU bowling ball has indeed flattened 57 times. Most often in force, thanks to its unequaled power which has struck down more than one opponent in France. Whether in the center or on the wing, when the former Toulonnais starts, it usually goes to the end. His 3 seasons with 10 tries or more in the Top 14 feed the thing a little more.

TRANSFER OF POINTS.  At the end of the contract, Josua Tuisova will panic the market, Moefana and Azagoh remainTRANSFER OF POINTS. At the end of the contract, Josua Tuisova will panic the market, Moefana and Azagoh remain

When we shout from all the rooftops that the RCT has succeeded in bringing an exceptional player to the harbor this summer, it is because the Fijian has nevertheless planted 67 tries in the Top 14 and saved the Stade Français from badly filed situations. If he started on the wing, it is in the center that the 30-year-old (32) has been raging exclusively for a few seasons now. In Toulon, we are impatiently awaiting his debut in an official match in the red and black jersey, he who has been injured for 3 weeks now. The fact remains that once he is back, the athlete (1m93 for 104kg) from Navua may have in mind to seek the record for active scorers. To delight the people of Toulon, and to enter a little more into the history of our championship…

TOP 14. Waisea's solution to stay so young?  ''Don't drink alcohol anymore''TOP 14. Waisea’s solution to stay so young? ”Don’t drink alcohol anymore”

Yes, the leader of this ranking is none other than the Argentinian Juan Imhoff! It must be said that the man of a single club has been trying like pearls in the Top 14 for more than 10 years now, and that the counter is getting worse each time… Last season, the native of Rosario was even back to his best level, planting 9 tries in 22 league games. Not a record, but a very good exercise for the one who now has 71 tries in France. And which even allowed him – when many thought of the end of his career in France – to be extended for 2 years by Racing. Linked to his heart club until 2024, the Puma will therefore have many other opportunities to increase his total. Competitor as he is, count on him to try to get boys like Timoci Nagusa (80 tries), Napo Nalaga (87 tries) or even Maxime Médard, and his 90 achievements, for example. The challenge begins in about ten days, as soon as he returns from the Rugby Championship…

VIDEO.  BAM!  And 100 tries for Juan Imhoff in the colors of Racing!VIDEO. BAM! And 100 tries for Juan Imhoff in the colors of Racing!

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