Rugby Union: an old acquaintance comes to challenge RC Sète at the Bayrou stadium

The Sétois received Sigean this Sunday, September 25, for the second day of Federal 3.

No, we are not going to attend an Honor match this Sunday at Bayrou. Sète and Sigean-Port la Nouvelle have won the right to play in Federal 3 and will therefore meet again for this second day.

Back to sports

A sort of derby which, presumably, will allow the Bayrou stadium to regain purely sporting virtues after the friction last Sunday against Pontet, on the ground and in the stands. “Fortunately, the Federal 3 is not like that every weekend,” says Bruno Ruiz. “It’s a bit the fault of the referee who, by his decisions, put everyone under pressure. On the first try, he is so far that he does not see the line. And on the second, the “lifter” is not in the right place and therefore prevents us from being able to take the ball. I signaled it and the referee simply replied that I was probably right… That’s how it is, you have to turn the page.”

Charcoal caviar

And face a team from Sigean which, for its entry into Federal 3, signed a nice shot by winning at Saint-Affrique. “We know them,” continues the Sète coach. “We beat them last year. Since then, they have strengthened a lot.” Accustomed to eating caviar, with only one defeat in the whole of last season, the Sétois will therefore have to start over with coal and get used to a new reality. “We knew that Le Pontet was a big team. On our side, we couldn’t recruit as we wanted. It will be difficult again, but we have confidence in our players. Ousseni is suspended, the club is cited , it will create things that we didn’t need. But we will resist and play with our values.”

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