Rugby Union: Bruno Ruiz denounces “an arbitration against RC Sète”

After the 23-27 defeat against Avignon, the coach had trouble digesting certain decisions.

A lot happened for this first match of RC Sète in Federal 3. Provocations, knuckle pies, substitutes trying to destabilize Amakrane on his defeat kicks or Labbi who, not content to share his incessant meaning of the verb, allowed himself to headbutt Anthony Michel when the referee had his back turned…

On a mission

And to top it off, the first Vaucluse test was validated when the ball was almost flattened on the fence. It was a lot for Bruno Ruiz at the end of the match: “There is a lot of frustration, in particular because of this arbitration against the Sète club, in the continuity of last year. It’s been like that since the quarter-final of the French championship. We have a referee on mission. On arrival, he validated a try that does not exist and we lose four points.

This defeat will therefore have difficulty passing through the Sète ranks. “It’s frustrating because we put the ingredients. Admittedly, we had a failure on the sidelines, but that’s my responsibility. Otherwise, we were in our image, deploying a lot of energy and intensity in particular in defence. When we compare the budgets, €550,000 against €70,000, we can say that we fought with our weapons and our guts.”

spirit of revenge

To explain the few facts of the game that punctuated the meeting, perhaps it is necessary to see there the strong desire for revenge of Avignon, beaten by these same Sétois last year in the French championship. “There have been tensions since our round of 16,” confirms the coach. “And it will be the same on Sunday against Sigean, whom we eliminated in the semi-finals. We have to prepare for it. In the meantime, we are not rewarded. There are things rewarded in this match, but we lose three points . And we needed those points.”

In R2, Frontignan shines from the start

The season is just starting in Regional 2, and Frontignan Thau Rugby has laid a good foundation. This Sunday, at home, the Muscatiers actually beat a good opponent, RC Saint-Gillois. “We feel that it’s winded, that it’s a first match,” said coach Nicolas Roger. “We could have taken cover a little earlier with better success on foot. But this victory is deserved. And we are all the more happy that all the teams who received have lost. We will try to exist well in this hen.”

The Frontignanais registered two candidacies before being overtaken by the score (6-7). They then waited for the 70th minute to score in turn (13-7) before holding the score at 13-10 until the end.

In Regional 3, Mèze RC lost 34-14 to Lieuran.

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