Rugby Union: Canet d’Aude wants to assume its new status

Champion of Occitania and vice-champion of France in the 3rd series (11-9 defeat against Peña), AS Canet d’Aude will clearly be expected on all the meadows of the Regional 3 clubs (pool C).

The Catalans of Bompas (September 18), who will be the first opponents of the Canétois, have already announced the color on social networks: “We receive the vice-champions of France! The same will then apply against Entente Haut-Vallespir, RC Ponteilla, US Côte Vermeille, Salanque Méditerranée, Cerdagne-Capcir, as well as during the Aude derbies against Corbières Maritimes. (first reception of AS Canet on September 25, editor’s note)RC Couiza-Espéraza and friends from Bassin Sud Minervois, whom Canet had eliminated last June in Cuxac d’Aude in the quarter-finals of the French championship. “I have to contact Serge, the president of the Bassin, but I want our two matches to be an opportunity to party, to play on Saturdays and to bring together our rugby schools”hopes Walter Langlade, the president of AS Canet d’Aude.

For this, the club has changed its staff by recording the planned departure of Julien Bergès (Pézenas in Federal 2) and that a little less expected of Pierre Fernandez (EFSC). But Steve Jarlet remains in charge for the forwards. Arnaud Ramey, who has retired from sport, will be associated with him as a speaker. Michel Lambert will take care of the back lines, with the help of Benoît Brull who will occasionally constitute the squad of players. “We are hesitating this season to hire a reserve team. Our final decision has not yet been made but I am delighted to finally be able to contest blocks of 3 games interspersed with a weekend off, whereas last year, the ‘the first team had only played 10 group matches and the reserve team only 6’welcomes Walter Langlade.

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Shortened preparation

As for recruitment, it will of course be of high quality: “I know that some hoped that we would be fleeced during the off-season. It will not be. I keep almost all of my squad from last year. A lot of old ones continue. others, who were to retire, are now wondering and I see with pleasure the return of the Canétois who have played until now in other clubs. is to qualify for the final stages“, projects the president. Well aware nevertheless that his team “will dominate the debates less than we did last year.

The first training is scheduled for August 19. “Of course, it’s a little late, but I know from experience that resuming before August 15 is only done with 10-15 players at most and that they then wonder about the coming season. They make us gloom. I want to avoid that but it’s true that our preparation will be short”assures Walter Langlade.

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The first and only friendly match is played against RC Alaric in early September on a pitch that has yet to be fixed. “We will also do an oxygenation course in Gruissan on Saturday August 26 where activities other than rugby are carried out”the president is already laughing.

It will then be time to go and challenge Bompas (September 18) on Catalan soil, to receive Corbières Maritimes (September 25) for a first Aude derby and to go up to Cerdagne-Capcir (October 2). “Last year, they beat us (26 to 25) at Osséja. It’s a great team that knows how to play rugby. They’re friends and I know we’ll be well received and we’ll do the same at the match. return”, finished Walter Langlade. He does not say it, but thinks it very strongly, to want to take his revenge. It is true that AS Canet is now a status to assume.

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