Rugby Union – Pro D2: US Carcassonne wins in “Jones and black”!

Christian Labit’s men won Thursday evening after a terrible suspense, 21-20, against Agen. A second victory in a row after that obtained last week against Rouen (19-22). Fly-half Dorian Jones scored all 21 points on seven penalties.

It is a heavyweight which was to land on the A 61 and the Albert-Domec stadium this Thursday evening. A heavyweight which had to break down the Carcassonne toll, knock down the barrier, take the gate and drive on the Puig-Aubert complex. A live butchery in the television set for this first – this season – of USC on a Thursday evening on Canal + Sport.

Well ? No. At half-time, we thought that the Audois could even hope to win it. Thanks to Jones’ foot. Once again. Four penalties investigated in the space of 40 minutes (2nd, 12th, 26th, 33rd). But – because with Carcassonne there is often a but – in the 38th minute, on the last action of this inaugural act, after a small kick to follow, the back Lamoulie scored the first try of the game between the poles, transformed by Lagarde, the same one who had managed two penalties at the 1re and 14e minutes.

Before that, the captain for one evening, Aguillon, and his troop had only really been worried once, on the 20e minute, when Lokuti died with the ball two meters from the goal line following a breakthrough from Erbani … Before the Carcassonnais operated a counter-ruck and Mouchous released. 12-13 at the break.

USC will therefore have repeated the same error as in Rouen – on Lydon’s test last week – at the end of the first period with a bad recovery and no one in the second curtain to counter the Agen offensive.

The Agaba pass for anyone ten meters from the line

Even if SU Agen remained on two defeats in a row, before this meeting, in Angoulème (16-12) and against the undisputed leader, Oyonnax, at the Armandie stadium (9-24), for the Lot-et-Garonnais, that rather rolls much better than for Carcassonne since the beginning of the 2022-2023 financial year. The inverted mirror of the last season with Audois who had finished season 5e and Agenais who had obtained the championship in 13th position. In short, the world upside down … Only, the soldiers of Labit came out, this Thursday evening, of an unexpected victory in Rouen (19-22). So, so… So, she unquestionably restored their confidence.

Especially to Jones! Fly-half Dorian Jones. But what foot! Nine minutes after the resumption of the debates, another defeat between the posts. Bis repetition at 52e (at 50m) and 57e (at 45m): 21-13. The Welsh international offered a recital. He had to, because it was hard to see how, without him, the Carcassonne would have gotten away with it. Clumsy, like Agaba who went on trial, before making a blind pass for anyone ten meters from the line, they did not seem able to take the upper hand… Misery…

The punishment ended up falling at the 62e with a try from Takulua for Agen after a deadly breakthrough from Ramoka: 21-20. The jaunards were joined, but held firm. Carcassonne won keys. Three volleys consecutively in scoring areas. Sacred spectacle. Deliverance to the 80e ! It’s won on the narrowest of the gaps: 21-20. Thank you Dorian Jones who is with USC at 54 points scored on foot out of a possible 56.

On December 2, USC will move to Provence Rugby, currently 7e of Pro D2. The Audois could take the highway, in Carcassonne, the tolls have not moved.

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