Rugby Union: RCN-Montauban, first rehearsal for Racing in a friendly

This Friday (8 p.m.) in Leucate, RC Narbonnais will be back on the field for its first friendly match, against Montauban. The “orange and black” will face a large caliber of Pro D2 for a first review of staff.

After a turbulent summer, Racing Club Narbonnais has set its sights on the sportsman and especially on the first friendly match which is looming this Friday (8 p.m.), at the municipal stadium in Leucate. So the opposition will be tough against one of the densest teams in Pro D2, but against Montauban, Racing’s defense coach, Sébastien Logerot, especially wants to see the behavior of his players: “On paper, the confrontation is unbalanced, but it’s mainly to do a squad review because we have a lot of young people who have joined the group. This match will be a good test of character, see where the players are in. We’re going to try to compete as much as possible, that the players experiment, show themselves, assert themselves and that the young people realize the high level. We don’t doubt it for a second, but we want see that they want to wear its colors”.

Only three rookies in the first starting XV

RC Narbonnais resumed training on June 27, six weeks of preparation before this first meeting. Sébastien Logerot also wants his group to have no glitches: “Friendly matches are a bit dangerous, there is always this fear of injury in the first match with real bullets. The objective is also that we don’t have any injuries”.

On the side of the RCN players, the desire is overflowing to put on the “orange and black” jersey and it can be felt in training. One of the executives of this team, the third line Paul Belzons, does not take this confrontation as a simple friendly match: “We have prepared well. We will see if we are good in the desire, if we are brave, against a great team from Montauban, it will be a test of behavior. Friendly matches, there are none not, it’s only on paper. We will do everything we can to put on a good performance and make the supporters who will be there proud”.

This match between Narbonnais and Montalbanais will be played in three halves, the first two will be 30 minutes long and the third, 20 minutes long, will be played with less seasoned young players. Julien Seron and his staff have designed a first starting XV, with the presence of 12 players already in the jersey of the RCN last season. The third line Thibault Clauzade, the opening half Tom Chauvet (21 years old) and the back Paul Auradou (20 years old) will be the only three recruits aligned for this first period. Australian fullback James Kane is not available, he is the only absentee from Racing for this friendly match. The young pillar Dylan Hoyeau is uncertain (sick).

The composition of the RCN: 15. Paul Auradou – 14. Étienne Ducom, 13. Pierre Nueno, 12. Lucas Lebraud, 11. Savenaca Totovosau – (o) 10. Tom Chauvet, (m) 9. Pierrick Nova – 7. Paul Belzons, 8. Baptiste Abescat , 6. Thibault Clauzade – 5. Mohamed Kbaier, 4. Valentin Sese – 3. Matthieu Loudet, 2. Jordan Rochier, 1. Sylvain Abadie.

The substitutes: Geoffrey Moïse, Odran Peron, Christophe David, Martin Vaca, Théo Castinel, Avto Gogiashvili, Manuel Plaza, Morgan Maga, Mauro Rebussone, Arthur Christienne, Bill Caffo, Flavien Nouhaillaguet, Christopher Kaiser, Pablo Barbaste, Théo Gomez, Sébastien Giorgis, Louis Balfet , Gauthier Wolf, Pierre-Hugo Ducom, Theo Mias, Baptiste Tsague, Thibault Santoro.

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