Rugby Union – Regional 1: the FLHV blown from nothing …

As dusk begins to point its nose, the three knocks sounded by the man in black bruise the bodies of Perpignan like multiple stab wounds. The looks are haggard, fleeting, questioning… the reds and blacks are surely still wondering how they could have let this first victory of the season slip away, which seemed to reach out to them, but grabbed by determined Ariègeois in the last gasps of the game , pounding at all costs a Catalan line in agony (18-20). “It’s like everything that’s happened since the start of the season, breathed a Loïc Marty disconcerted by the end of this high-flying thriller. Maybe finally, the luck will end up turning one day… but yesterday, we made far too many mistakes to hope for anything, even though we had managed to defend the blows well. But with four cards conceded, we couldn’t do better.”

Fatal indiscipline

However, in the beginnings of a meeting promised to a breathless suspense between the last and the penultimate of the classification, the battalion of Laurent Pous and William Paillès achieves the best of starts, overflowing with energy. And even if the visitors deflowered the counters thanks to Bendrell’s boot (0-3, 5), the firepower of the Roussillonnais would do the rest. And after a supercharged rush to sway through the defenders, Hermans slumped victoriously in the in-goal for his team’s first try (5-3, 19). The cravings for gambling and great flights on both sides were however swept away by an Aeolus who had decided to take part in the debate. Result: the two formations left almost back to back at the break, 8-6, and everything remained to be done.

Reinvigorated after the citrus fruits, Loïc Marty and his companions pressed on the accelerator, anxious to finally concretize their outrageous domination at the “planxot”. And after having amassed three more points in his bag, Captain Marty finished the job, caressing the promised land, shortly before the hour mark (18-6, 57). The break was done. At least, we prefer… because with the force of an unfailing resilience, and a chronic indiscipline of their hosts, the Ariégeois launched an assault on a “remontada” still unimaginable a few minutes earlier. The FLHV found itself facing its old demons. One, two… then too many cards conceded in the last quarter of an hour, and as much ammunition offered to visitors who did not ask for so much. And so, crucified, thanks to a pack of heroic forwards, the Catalans on the gong… “We think we have the game in hand, and we’re taking it easy…the excess of envy, surely, it’s good there is at least that. But in a bad spiral, when you lose confidence, you make you doubt”. Doubts that should not make a Foyer ponder too long, which in a week, in Bédarieux, may already be playing a match, for its survival…




PERPIGNAN (Jean-Rousset stadium).

Half time: 8-6.

Referee: Mr. Thomas (LOR)

120 spectators.

For FLHV: 2 tries Hermans (19), Marty (57), 1 transformation (57) and 2 penalties (35, 50) Marty.

For Laroque-Belesta: 2 tries Manenti (77), Pirlot (80+3), 2 conversions and 2 penalties (5, 40) Bendrell.

White cards: Carduner (37) at FLHV, Torro (22) at Laroque-Belesta.

Yellow cards: Boussetta (66), Carton (72), De Vaujany Castanedo (80) at FLHV, Manenti (53) at Laroque-Belesta.

FLHV: Mittaine – Escudier, Carduner, De Vaujany Castanedo, Sigismeau – (o) Marty (cap.), (m) Gorce – Xancho, Hermans, Torrès – Boudella, Cebellan – Zamar, Rull, Rahou Tanouti. Then Boussetta, Carton, El Moujaddide, Dutilleul, Gonzalez, Ouedjdi, Martinez.

Reservations: the FLHV wins 36-28.

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