Rugby: USF brings back a precious victory from Mazères

The copy returned to Mazères could have been a clean sheet, but fortunately, the blood and or showed some qualities, in particular the lock covered by a fairly impermeable defense;

Still, this victory can only reassure the Fuxean oval community, satisfied with its troops, with another season which announces a very young workforce, perhaps one of the youngest ever reached. This is called building the future but also drawing up a sports project, as long as departures are not legion.

The negatives were adequate. The coaches will know how to bring the back line to potential, the scorers are at least three in number: Tony Lozano-Brunel, Corentin Déjean, Bastien Denjean.

The public was able to realize that the striker can ensure the victory of the match, when the try line is impossible to cross. The other results of the group, if they are not significant, give an idea of ​​the surveillance to be exercised. Carbonne-Longages lost at home against Saint Orens 37-23, Portet beat Ramonville 25-13, Auterive won against Labarthe-sur-Lèze 17-13 and Lézat beat Villeneuve-du-Paréage / Saint-Jean-du- Falga 26-12.

Portet is alone in the lead thanks to his offensive bonus, with 5 points. The other winners have 4. The gap is already widening and it will be necessary to whip to remind the peloton of the qualifiers next spring. The slightest misstep will be paid for “cash”. Read the words of Mazères coach Mehdy Bénakcha, who announces “Portet seems to me to be the strongest team”. Would he be right?

Next Sunday, reception of Carbonne-Longages who appeared in the USF pool for the 2016/2017 season, in the First Series.

Permanence Wednesday and Friday.- Subscription cards (change of strategy). The new provisions: a permanence is open Wednesday September 21 and Friday September 23 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., at the clubhouse of the Fondère stadium. They will also be on sale at the stadium ticket office from Sunday 25 September when Carbonne-Longages arrives, at the following prices: individual €55; couple 100 €. Entry price to the Jean-Noël Fondère stadium in the territorial championship: €5 (free for minors).

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