Rugby XV – World Cup 2023: Perpignan, Narbonne and Carcassonne in the running to host Portugal

The staff of the Lusitanian team will be visiting Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales at the end of the week. He will choose the facilities in which the Portuguese will train throughout the competition, in September and October 2023.

Friday, in Dubai, at the end of a match with a breathtaking scenario, Portugal, by snatching the draw (16-16) at the last minute against the United States, validated its qualification for the 2023 World Cup in France. The teammates of USAP hooker Mike Tadjer thus obtained the last ticket available for this competition by bringing back the tournament in which Hong Kong and Kenya also appeared.

Now that all the participants are known, it remains to validate the base camp of the Portuguese team. This is the city that will host the delegation throughout the first phase of the competition (first match on September 16, last on October 8). The Lusitanians, who will join Pool C, with Wales, Australia, Fiji and Georgia, will play two matches in Toulouse (as well as one in Nice and one in Saint-Etienne). It is logical, therefore, that it should be based in Occitania. Two teams have already validated their presence in the region. Japan, in Toulouse, and Samoas in Montpellier. Perpignan, it has been displayed for a long time its desire to also have a nation. After Chile, contacts had been made with the United States in the event of qualification. Naturally, the Americans having been eliminated by Portugal, it is now towards this country that the eyes are turned.

A visit from the staff this week

Since the last week, behind the scenes, many messages have been exchanged between the Occitanie Region, the organizing committee of the World Cup and the staff of Portugal, whose manager is none other than Patrice Lagisquet, former coach of Biarritz. , in particular and coach of the backs of the French team from 2012 to 2015. He will come to the region during the week to visit the infrastructures that will be offered to him. According to our information, the organizing committee, which must make three proposals for locations, has decided to present the USAP infrastructures in Perpignan, those of the RCN, in Narbonne and those of the USC, in Carcassonne. Patrice Lagisquet should come to the three cities at the end of the week.

On the sidelines of the match between the XV of France and Japan, Sunday at the Stadium of Toulouse, many exchanges take place on the subject. Kamel Chibli, vice-president of the Occitanie Region, in charge of sports, and who has long campaigned to see Perpignan replaced on the map of the 2023 World Cup, spoke during the reception of the Japanese ambassador and many members of the Japanese delegation. There, he reaffirmed the strong links between the Occitanie Region and Japan, but also confirmed that three teams will come well in 2023. He mentioned Japan, therefore, in Toulouse, Samoa, in Montpellier and Portugal… to Perpignan.

Favorite Perpignan with a mixed option between Aimé-Giral and the sports park

The formalization of the chosen city should take place next week. If Perpignan still has no guarantee of being designated, it is however largely favorite. The USAP facilities, if they are a bit limited today for a team that wants to register for the duration in the Top 14, could do the trick to host Portugal for a month. It is also a mixed formula between the sports park and Aimé-Giral which has been proposed. In the first of the two locations, the team would use the American football field for training and the current USAP infrastructures (weight room, living space, locker rooms, etc.) on a daily basis, and the stadium for opposition matches on weekdays and practices open to the public. In terms of hotel facilities, Villa Duflot, in the immediate vicinity of the sports park, was proposed in the application file.

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