Rugby. Yannick Jauzion back in his training club: “He is very attached to his roots”

Here during the jubilee of Picamoles, Ouedraogo and Trinh-Duc, Yannick Jauzion will lend a hand to his training club. (©Icon Sport)

Somewhat distant from the world of rugby since he hung up his crampons in 2013 in Toulouse, the former international center of the XV of France, Yannick Jauzion (44 years old; 73 selections) will return to service by giving a hand to his training club, Graulhetwhich evolves in National 2.

A reinforcement of choice for the Rouge et Noir, which welcomes Jerome Montbroussous : “Jauzion has always remained attached to the SCG to his Graulhétoise roots, since he started rugby here. As a friend, he comes to give us a hand on all the sporting aspects”, explains ,to Rugby News, the former player who became the sports coordinator of the Sporting Club Graulhétois. “Jauzion will supervise by my side and take care of the training of all the coaches of the club, from the U6s to the first team, to put a common sports framework for the whole club. »

“A 5-year project to sustain the club in National 2”

Native of Castres (Tarn) and resident of Réalmont, Yannick Jauzion took his first steps at the Graulhet rugby school from 1985 to 1997, before joining the senior team from 1997 to 2000, then discovering the Elite with Colomiers and Toulouse. A club where his son Lilian now becomes in the U12 category.

Around the new organization chart of the SCG, carried by Jérôme Montbroussous and other former players, “Platane” hopes to restore its letters of nobility to its heart club, Graulhet, historic bastion of French rugby which has seen many internationals pass through its ranks. French, as Fabien Pelouswho was trained in Saverdun before revealing himself in Graulhet, or even the late Guy Laporte and Geoffroy Abadie.

“With all the former players who have recently returned to the club as managers, we have a 5-year project, both at the level of the youth teams and for the pennant team, which we hope to reinstate in National 2”, affirms Jerome Montbroussous. “In particular, we have a training center project, but we are also working to structure the first team for which we have put a good boost since last May. »

Other high-level speakers expected at Graulhet

Even if he does not have a coaching diploma, Yannick Jauzion, triple winner of the 6 Nations (including 2 Grand Slams) but also triple European and French champion, will bring his immense high-level experience to Sporting Club. Graulhetois:

“The support of Yannick Jauzion, with his network, will be very important. There will also be other high-level speakers who will regularly come to our different sections. The objective is to have several current or former Top 14 players and coaches who come and train with us, ”underlines the new SCG sports coordinator who adds that Yannick Jauzion will also lead certain training sessions, on a case-by-case basis. .

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He will intervene on the ground, according to the needs of this or that section. Every two months, he organizes a meeting with the managers of each team to analyze their problems, find solutions and intervene if it is a problem at the level of three-quarters, races or timing which are his specialties. Otherwise, he will call people from his network to intervene, for example, in the touch and scrum sectors, according to the needs of each section of the club.

Jerome MontbroussousGraulhet sports coordinator

There is no doubt that the contribution of the best player in the world in 2007 will be a precious asset for the Tarnais de Graulhet, engaged in a very tough National 2 pool 1 with Nîmes, Rumilly, La Seyne-sur-Mer, Dijon, Aubenas, Vienne, Mâcon, Marcq-en-Barœul, Beaune, Bédarrides/Châteauneuf-du-Pape and the Metropolitan Stadium.

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