Saint-Christophe: the big anger of the president of the RDV handball

The Conques-Marcillac community of municipalities has made the Kervallon gymnasiums in Marcillac and the sports complex in Saint-Christophe available to sports clubs in the area, to manage the influx of requests. A harmonization meeting each year invites the clubs to agree to determine the occupation slots of these 2 structures.

For the coming season, the needs have increased, in particular with some teams returning to competition and wishing to recover the slots that were already allocated to them. The inevitable traffic jam being and the impossible agreement, the ball was in the court of the community of communes which had to decide by conforming to its line of conduct, namely “ favor the holding of official matches and their schedule “. The unacceptable decision has had the effect of justifying a great anger from Alexandre Granier, president of RDV Handball, who castigates this judged position because it would disadvantage his club.

They want to fire us from the Saint-Christophe sports complex and move our training to Kervallon on an unsuitable and unapproved ground for the matches of our male and female seniors who will assess the coming season in pre-national. On the other hand, with 200 licensees on average for more than 5 years, we are the indoor sport with the largest workforce and the fewest slots available, which seems to me to be an important element to take into account. We are criticized for hiring too many teams, but we are subject to federal regulations which require us to move upmarket with more youth teams in order to be consistent with the pre-national level. “Alexandre Granier is really not happy and even says to himself” revolted “by this situation which has undermined the dynamics of the club and its multi-year project focused on” youth, training and progression of the level of play at all levels “.

Consequently, he wishes the organization of a meeting open to the licensees and the parents of the young people so that the elected officials can allow “their decision which would deal a severe blow to the handball meeting “.

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