Saint-Clar/Tournecoupe. Rugby: the RCL in the hard in Ariège

For its trip to Ariège land, near Mirepoix, Rugby Cœur de Lomagne (RCL) could not count on its best training to compete with the adjoining premises for a good third place. Already deprived of Fratus and Serres, the pack of forwards also had to compensate for the absences of Tauzin, Ducasse and Monquignon. Not easy when you know that the workforce of the RCL is not bloated. Currently, no less than 14 players are on the flank, which does not allow for approved rotations. Despite this, the behavior of the 22 players on the match sheet this Sunday was exemplary and none of them gave up.

The opening of the scoring by the locals only came in the 55th minute, a rare enough fact to be underlined. The fatigue of the RCL players, combined with the good performance of Mirepoix, gave the score a magnitude that does not reflect the face of the match. For good reason, the RCL conceded 3 tries for a final score of 19-0 for the locals.

Don’t give up, gentlemen, during this qualifying phase, which will see the best leave for their championship, and will give us the right to face teams more in line with ours.

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