Saint-Paul-sur-Save. The eco-responsible rugby school starts with a bang

The Saint Paul rugby school (ASVS) has just celebrated its resumption of activities. The older ones went to the Gers to perfect their skills in refereeing and take part in several friendly matches. The U12s invested the Thil sports facilities for a whole weekend, the U8s and U10s met at the facilities of the St Paul stadium for a day of training. The morning training ends with a meal shared in a good mood with the club’s educators and volunteers. In the afternoon of the Olympics, the aim was to make members aware of an eco-responsible attitude with waste collection around the stadium. “We have contributed to the eco-responsible development of all our members” explain Jérôme and Aurélie, who will support the changes in habits of young and old throughout the season with the aim of obtaining the “Engaged Club” label. The day ended with an information meeting on the operation of the club, with 200 players aged 3 to 14, with parents and the essential Spanish hostel at the start of the season.

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