Salleilles tennis and padel: the finals took place on the same day

The summer tournament of the Tennis-club Saleilles is over, after seventeen days of competition which saw 178 players compete, 142 men and 36 women. An exceptional success for the club, for the city and for the sport of course. Among the ladies, victory for the young Martina Calvo (15/5) against Léa Mandras (15/2). Among the men, victory for Sacha Boulant (15/1) against Julien Arquier (15/1) after almost three hours of play. Congratulations to all the participants who could come back next year to clog the new grounds whose work has recently begun. Referee Nadine Pecha and club president Christophe Botella are meeting next year.

It should be noted that in parallel, a Padel tournament for +45 years took place, the final of which took place at the same time as those of tennis. Frédéric Font and David Juarez won against Jean-Marie Fons and Romain Fenéon.

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