Sanchez, Vidal, Messi… Sampaoli’s confidences

Leaving Olympique de Marseille in a hurry, Jorge Sampaoli briefly mentioned his recruitment desires before slamming the door. The Argentinian coach did not fail to make the dressing rooms of many players under his command in Chile and Argentina.

Sampaoli has not forgotten its former players.

Jorge Sampaoli finds himself unemployed. After a great 2021-2022 season, marked by a 2nd place in Ligue 1 and a semi-final of the Europa League Conference, the Argentine coach has decided to slam the door of Olympique de Marseille. In question, a recruitment that did not take off and a vision that moved away from that of Pablo Longoria.

A hasty and damaging departure for the South American manager since his top priority, Alexis Sanchez, ended up landing at the end of the transfer window. An arrival greeted by the main interest.

Sampaoli wanted Sanchez… and Vidal

I wanted Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal to come from Marseille because they know how to move despite the harshness of football in France. I always tried to bring Alexis to the club and when I planned this season he was a priority for me. , thus confided the technician for ADN Sports. However, the Argentinian believes that the Chilean striker has not necessarily been used to the best since his arrival.

Alexis Sanchez has a lot of ability to be in this championship, but if the conditions are not met, it can be counterproductive. (…) In round trips or calls, Alexis Sanchez does not always find his place and spends a lot of time not touching the ball. The teams are more and more physical in France, but if you know how to move around, it’s easier continued the 62-year-old coach.

Messi, a genius

Sampaoli also managed another star of the French championship, namely Lionel Messi. An unparalleled player for the ex-coach of FC Sville. To manage Messi is to manage a genius. He is a person who is above everyone, he even knows when you are going to lose and when you are going to win. In two glances, he gives you a parameter of what is happening incense the old carriage of the Albiceleste.

He’s a silent leader, but he understands what’s going to happen. He knows when the team that has prepared has no chance of winning. Beyond his technical abilities and his ability to read the game, he knows what will happen. That’s why he’s a genius , insists Sampaoli. Unfortunately for him, he will no longer have the opportunity to see La Pulga more closely. In France anyway.

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