Saran Loiret Handball wins by playing scare…

A week after its success at home in front of Nancy, Saran Loiret Handball (Proligue) has just snatched, this Friday, September 23, its second success of the season in Besançon, 31-30. The Septors showed two faces. One, interesting, in the first period. The other, winded, in the second half. Phew…

Saran HB had reached the break with a comfortable mattress on the scoreboard, 20-13, the biggest gap in progress. A progress obtained under the leadership of its two titular wingers, Jordi Deumal (5/5) and Luka Radovic (6/8, including 4/4 at seven-meter throws). Two boys who have perfectly known how to exploit the situations of counter places available to them. All this, at the end of a balanced start to the meeting during which the septors had managed to manage the affair as well as possible, despite the first two numerical inferiorities (Caron, 3rd, and Eymann, 7th).
It was at the end of the first quarter of an hour that the meeting rocked a first time. Fabien Courtial’s men, in full force, inflicted on their opponents from the Doubs a scathing 6-0 with a score which, trained, suddenly caused momentum: 8-8 in the 14th, but 14-8 in the 22nd. What to see coming… The break was thus reached with stats favorable to the Saranese : 71% shooting success, against 57% for Besançon. Ivan Panjan was 7 stops and, above all, there were only two small ball losses in the Saranese ranks. And this, not to mention the good defensive performance with only 13 goals conceded. The only shadows on the board: the two temporary exclusions of Johann Caron (3rd and 28th) and the 0/3 of Antoine Blanc in attack, in his left-back position.

A statue for Tep…

20-13 at the break but … 21-17 in the 35th and a burst from Besançon which forced Fabien Courtial, the coach, to take a timeout, without delay. The danger approached in the 41st, when Besançon, thanks to Alex Vallet, came back to three lengths, 23-20. We had to hold on. Get out as soon as possible of a less successful period. Ramond and Rios then appeared at the right time to bring the Saranese advantage to 25-21, in the 44th minute, with a +5 ball to follow… Failed, because pushed back by the post! Ouch, because what followed was no better… Only a quarter of an hour to go and this lead to the mark which was gradually decreasing, 25-23, and 25-24, with a double from Gauthier Morvan (47th).

Despite their ten bullet losses, the Besançon team had come back within gunshot range, at the dawn of a money time that we had not imagined to be so tight. Especially since Mosindi and Blanc will be excluded simultaneously, in the 51st. In the process, the Morvan missed an equalizer, at 27-27. What tension! The equalizer in question came in the 57th, after an action by Adrien Claire. Aillaud placed Besançon in front, just after, 27-28 (55th). Unthinkable, given what happened in the first half. The finale was even more unlikely. Brice Aillaud, on penalty, was defeated by Dan Tepper (60th). Robyns took advantage of this ultimate rebound offered to the Saranais, eight seconds from the end, a success obtained in the greatest pain, 31-30.

Laurent Coursimault

SARAN, the statistics

Source: Proligue


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