Serbia: match scores

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At the Stade de Lusail, Brazil started their World Cup this Thursday at 9 p.m. Opposed to Serbia, the Seleção, placed in group G, had to enforce their status as favorites against Dragan Stojkovic’s men. Lined up in 4-2-3-1, the Brazilians, led by Neymar, Raphinha, Vinicius Jr and Richarlison at the forefront of the attack, quickly took control of operations but stumbled on an excellent Vanja Milinković-Savić. Decisive on a direct corner attempted by Neymar (14th), the last Serbian rampart showed itself, once again, imperial against Casemiro (22nd), Vinícius Júnior (27th) then Raphinha (35th). Dominating in the game and never worried defensively, Thiago Silva’s teammates could not, however, make the difference during the first 45 minutes. When they returned from the locker room, Tite’s gang left with the same intentions and Raphinha wasted no time in getting into danger.

Taking advantage of a recovery error from Milinkovic-Savic, the Brazilian took his chance but stumbled on the Serbian goalkeeper who was making up for his blunder (46th). If the Brazilian waves multiplied, Neymar lacked accuracy to adjust the opposing goalkeeper (54th). For his part, Alex Sandro included him, the Serbian post (59th). Asphyxiated by the collective of the Seleção, Serbia ended up (logically) by cracking. On the lookout for a strike from Vinicius, Richarlison unblocked the situation (1-0, 62nd) before making his genius speak a few moments later. Upon receiving a cross from outside the right of Vinicius, the Spurs striker controlled the chest before executing a sublime pivot volley to deceive Milinkovic-Savic (2-0, 73rd). Master of the debates, Brazil quietly retained their advantage in the last quarter of an hour and could even have added to the score if Casemiro’s strike had not ended its race on the bar (81st). With the victory beyond doubt, Brazil take the lead in Group G before taking on second-placed Switzerland next Monday.

Man of the Match: Richarlison (7): the Tottenham striker did not have the impact expected of him at the forefront of the offensive sector, not offering a fulcrum to his people in a solid central defense. We had to wait for the second act to see him finally influence this meeting: as a surface fox, he finally opened the scoring, alone in front of the empty goal, for his first goal in a World Cup (63rd), before doubling the lead. a superb comeback (73rd). Replaced by Jesus (78th)not far from ahead of the goalkeeper in the area (83rd).


  • Alisson (5): little requested at the start of the match, the Liverpuldien was able to reassure his people when necessary, especially on the cross to Mitrovic at the penalty spot (25th). Returning from the locker room, the doorman of the Reds had to remain vigilant against the Serbian offensives, which were narrowly missed in the last gesture. Clean sheet and quiet evening for the last rampart (0 stops).

  • Danielle (5): the bianconero defender had to confine himself to defensive work in the first period before being able to help his team in attack after returning from the locker room. Precise in his interventions, the right side Auriverde was not fooled by the many rises of the pistons and even allowed himself a few phases in the opposing camp.

  • Marquinhos (6.5): the Parisian had to get into his match very quickly against a voluntary Serbian team, and proved to be solid in all his interventions. Like his teammates, he was less in demand in the second half and was able to keep his confidence in the first raises and his position to defeat the opposing offensives (3 clearances).

  • T. Silva (6.5): for his 110th selection in the auriverde jersey, the central defender of Chelsea presented a copy similar to his friend in the central hinge. Still as solid, the captain of the Seleçao was able to muzzle the incursions into his surface, especially against the size of Mitrovic. Very interesting also in his long game (4 successful long passes out of 6).

  • A. Sandro (5): yet quiet at the start of the match, the other side of Juventus was sometimes put in difficulty by the Serbian right lane but never flinched. He even offered himself the possibility of vibrating the right post of VMS with a nice strike from 30 meters (61st). His placement with the ball allowed him to come and help the midfielder and get into the axis to bring the surplus.

  • Casemiro (6): only player with a defensive vocation in the Brazilian midfield, the Red Devil has been able to fulfill this role of protector of its central hinge. Often, he did not hesitate to try his luck from afar, even if his shot worried Milinkovic-Savic very little. In the second half, he allowed himself a superb shot on the crossbar (82nd). Clean match defensively for the Mancunian (3 successful tackles).

  • Packagea (5.5): the former Lyonnais, named alongside Casemiro in the double pivot, was more offensive than his position would lead one to believe. Replaced by Frederic (75th). Less present in the Brazilian attacks than usual, the Hammer has not been idle in the midfield (7 duels won out of 8) despite technical waste (14 lost balls).

  • Neymar Jr (5.5): the Brazilian playmaker was the most stirring at home, but did not always make the right choices. Present on the two corridors and in the axis, the number 10 of PSG was well jostled by aggressive Serbs. His few attempts at set pieces – corners and free kicks – did not find a buyer. Left on injury and replaced by Anthony (79th)

  • Rapina (5): very quickly dangerous in the last third with his cross a bit imprecise (4th), the FC Barcelona winger was less visible over the course of the meeting, well defeated by the opposing rearguard. He was not far from finding a partner in the area, from the head (30th) or from the right (31st), before being too easy against the last ramparts (34th, 46th, 52nd). Replaced by Martinelli (87th).

  • Vinicius Jr (6): often glued to the line when Brazil is looking for solutions, the Madrid player offered some interesting calls in the area, not far from deceiving the opposing goalkeeper behind the defense (27th). He was also the author of the strike repelled by the goalkeeper before his first goal, and perfectly found Richarlison for the goal of the break. Replaced by Rodrygo (76th)who just missed his roll (87th).

  • Richarlison (7): see above


  • V. Milinkovic-Savic (6.5): it’s a perfect match that the great Serbian goalkeeper finally missed. Impassable several times, especially in front of Raphinha (35th, 46th), he was then saved by his post on a heavy strike from Alex Sandro (60th). As an omen of the opener appeared a few minutes later (63rd), he who had the misfortune to see his parade pushed back at the feet of Richarlison. Powerless on the sumptuous sequence of the Tottenham player leading to the opposing break (73rd), he witnessed a new Brazilian attempt having failed on his crossbar (81st). And despite a final stop at the end of the game, he could not prevent the defeat of his team.

  • Milenkovic (6): very solid, the defender of Fiorentina has, on several occasions, played the firefighter on duty, not hesitating to release long balls when the situation demanded it. With his head game, the imposing right axial defender helped contain Vinicius Junior well on his flank. Again decisive in a situation of one against two (68th), he also managed to close the door to the opposing offensives.

  • Veljkovic (5.5): the central Serbian defender has long been involved in preventing Brazil’s attackers from distinguishing themselves. Clearing his camp on numerous occasions (6), he also demonstrated notable technical accuracy for a player playing in his position (6 balls lost out of 51 touchdowns), also interesting in the long game.

  • Pavlovic (7): possibly the man of the match on the Serbian side. Nemanja Vidic’s announced successor has demonstrated why the comparison with the former Manchester United defender can be made. Impressive on a physical level, he has long antagonized Raphinha, opposing all attempts at incursions by the FC Barcelona winger. Ball at the foot, he also distinguished himself by his ability to carry it in the opposing camp, he who was also warned when he tried to recover the leather in the Auriverde playing area (6th). Imperial on a sliding tackle to take away a striking opportunity from Raphinha (53rd), he was, unfortunately for him, dominated by Richarlison on the opener of the Yellow and Green score (63rd).

  • Zivkovic (5): author of a nice return to the feet of Vinicius Junior (13th), he was however late on a deep hold of the Madrid winger (28th). Like his counterpart on the left side, he greatly accompanied his team’s ball comebacks, bringing presence to the Brazilian camp. Replaced by Nemanja Radonjic (57th) who was too little in sight, a little like his attacking teammates tonight.

  • S. Milinkovic-Savic (5): a true free electron in the Serbian midfield, the Lazio Rome player has made many efforts to stem the waves auriverde. Versatile, he brought a lot in the defensive aspect, but will not have been able to weigh enough in the offensive field, symbol of a team finally too little dangerous to pass some chills to the Brazilian rearguard.

  • Gudelj (5): Positioned at the lower end of Serbia’s midfield triangle, the Sevilla FC player was tasked with linking his defensive and attacking lines. Author of a complicated start to the second act, he lost the ball leading to the big opportunity from Raphinha (46th) and was at fault entering the area (49th), offering a great opportunity for Neymar to open the scoring on free kick, penal leisant at the same time of a yellow card. Replaced by Ivan Illic (57th).

  • Lukic (5.5): more hardworking than Nemanja Gudelj, he is nonetheless a good ball handler. Precise in his passing game, the Torino midfielder ran a lot. Regularly alternating with his teammate the sentry position, he did not however show himself to be dominant enough in the duels, losing 5 out of the 7 he had to play. Replaced by Darko Lazovic (66th).

  • Mladenović (5): occupying a very advanced position in the offensive phase, the left piston of PAOK Salonika also participated in the defensive work, coming to incorporate himself into the midfield of his team when his block occupied the middle of the field. Replaced by Dusan Vlahovic (66th)initially left on the bench due to a physical problem and whose entry weighed too little.

  • Tadic (4): accompanying Aleksandar Mitrović on the front of the Serbian attack, the Ajax Amsterdam playmaker certainly did not deliver the best performance of his career. More noticed by his pressing work than by his many – and known – technical qualities, the Serbian captain lost many balls (17), regularly stumbling over his direct opponents.

  • Mitrovic (4.5): the serial-scorer from Fulham will not have been able to find the flaw in the Brazilian defense this evening. At the same time, it must be said that he did not really have the opportunity. Holder of a pivotal role around a gravity due to Dusan Tadic, the number 9 of Beli Orlovi was important in his ability to pick up, so as to allow the rise of his team block. Replaced by Nemanja Maksimovic (83rd).

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